A Saturday of Festival’in!

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Every year, our family looks forward to October. Of course, there are the obvious reasons of Halloween, fall temperatures, gumbo and football, but Festival Acadien, or officially Festival Acadiens et Creoles, has become a favorite for our family of six. When we had our first child and lived in Shreveport, La., we would travel to Lafayette and take her to the festival so she could experience the sights and sounds and pure, dusty mess of a South Louisiana festival.

Festival Acadien
15 month old, Maggie, enjoying her 1st festival.

Fast forward six years and three more kids later, we moved to Lafayette and it has become an October tradition! Now, going to a festival with four kids, with the intent to stay all day, is much different than grabbing two lawn chairs and heading out. We make an entire weekend of it! My husband and our two boys usually head out the day before the festival to set up our tent and claim a good spot amongst our regular festival going friends that we meet up with every year. Just setting up a tent is an understatement for some of the festival goers, as some bring couches, recliners, string lights up, and bring a TV (especially if it’s a LSU game weekend) Saturday morning, we head out with our crew … I’m talking ice chest on wheels, a wagon, bag of snacks, picnic blanket, 6 chairs, MONEY, sunscreen, portable table, scooters, football, Frisbee, change of clothing for the “in case,” wet wipes (a must), hydrocortisone, etc … you get it. Watching our crew of festival rats hauling all of this to our spot is quite the scene.kids pushing wagon

It doesn’t take us long to get settled, and then the fun begins. The Cajun music and sounds of accordions and fiddles fills the air. We sit back and watch the crowd of people under the oak trees dancing barefoot in the dust. The kids ride their scooters up and down the hills, embarrassingly flying under other peoples’ tents occasionally. But as we say to each other down here “It’s all good!”

Then starts the back and forth trek to the food area umpteen times a day to get funnel cakes, alligator on a stick, shrimp and tasso pasta, snoballs, etc … (with an occasional detour to the beer truck, for survival purposes, of course). The food is endless. It’s a day to truly eat like a Cajun and not worry about it one bit. In fact, we sort of take pride in seeing how much we can fit inside ourselves.

We make trips to the port a potties, where it never fails that they step out and make horrible faces and blurt out what they saw in there. Mid afternoon, we make the trip to the craft and vendor area where they make the same beaded necklaces and the same painted pottery year after year (all for free)!

Tidbit: Face painting is free in the children’s craft area. You will find other face painters that you have to pay for in other areas of the festival.

Every year they beg me to buy them each a $12 surprise ball from a vendor that unravels to unveil trinkets in every layer … $12 x 4 kids = $48 of treasures that go in the trash, but they love them. We play and dance till the sun goes down and the mosquitos come out, all the while barefooted with shirts covered in red snoball juice. At the end of the day, we roll up our belongings in the picnic blanket to leave there overnight and we walk away filled with new memories, dirt boogers, and dust incrusted in our ears and eyes.

We go home with full bellies and all exhausted and get ready to do it all over again the next day.

Betsy Boudreaux
Betsy is a stay at home (but never at home) mom, to her four children, Maggie, Annie, Jack Henry, and Bear. She grew up in Hammond, La., but moved to Lafayette at the age of 18 to attend USL (now ULL!) After graduating with a degree in Interior Design, she married her high school sweetheart, Matt, and they moved to Shreveport, La., when he got accepted into LSU Medical School. During their 10 years in Shreveport, they had four children while Matt completed Medical School, Surgery Residency and a fellowship in Colorectal Surgery. As Matt worked long hours and Betsy was often raising the children by herself, she learned to "expect the unexpected", "go with the flow" and praise the Lord that they were all alive at the end of the day! After their 10 years there, they packed the family up and moved back to Lafayette, where they always knew they wanted to raise their family. They've been back in the area since 2011 and their lives are full of chaos, homework, studying for tests, after school sports, traveling for gymnastics competitions, and children that are growing up way to fast! Betsy spends many hours volunteering at the children's school, serving on the PTO board and driving the Boudreaux Bus! She truly enjoys every minute of it!


  1. We love the Boudreaux’s. Betsy has a real knack for expressing a REAL day in the life of a mom! So excited to see her officially blogging!

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