Adopted Dog Brewery :: Enjoy Eating Out With Kids Again

PSA:: post now has tips for what being family friendly actually means

I’m sure you’ve skimmed this post already, but in light of the recent influx of business at Adopted Dog Brewery let us not forget how to keep and encourage family friendly businesses opening and staying in business for us to enjoy.

You can read the full post here from Adopted Dog Brewery themselves, or just remember that you need to leave all ice chests and chairs at home. Like any other restaurant they have food, drinks, mugs, and merchandise for sale (if you like the mug, you have to buy it).

The open concept seating and layout are to accommodate the amount of orders the kitchen can handle at one time. This ensures you get wonderful quality food AND great service. It might be enticing to pull up a random seat while you wait for a table or let the kids run through the restaurant to be entertained during the wait, but this is casual dining at a brewery not in your own living room so just wait your turn like you’ve been in to a restaurant in public before. Otherwise, enjoy Adopted Dog Brewery during their normal business hours for family friendly fun in Acadiana!

Adopted Dog Brewery :: Enjoy Eating Out With Kids Again

We have slowly been venturing out to restaurants with our boys. At ages 3, 1, and expecting baby boy #3, we are mostly too tired to fight the dinner fights anywhere beyond our own family table. On the rare whim we get a boost of energy, we venture out and look for places with space to run, that are loud and kid-friendly, and have a great drink selection. 

Adopted Dog Brewery fit our needs perfectly! Their sprawling patio gave us room to meet friends with small kids for lunch too. Rarely do we have enough space at our own dining room tables for two high chairs, 4 adults, and 2 toddlers. Adopted Dog Brewery already thought through its layout to accommodate big families and family-friendly sized parties. The service was prompt with appetizers, our kids’ meals, and a beer flight arriving at our table within minutes of sitting down. 

My husband got to live out his childhood with our boys all lined up playing Ninja Turtle in the arcade room across from their brewery set up. 

The sprawling grassed area surrounding the patio allowed the kids to run off their lunch energy while the adults ate a bite. 

Leashed dogs are always welcome on the patio and proved extra cute and entertaining during our visit. The younger kids got to practice walking all over the patio since it’s so clean and well-kept. 

My pregnancy cravings kicked in with a vengeance and baby demanded I order the smash burger, which I can highly recommend (mouth-watering goodness in every bite). 

Next time you’re thinking of being the family to lunch or dinner try Adopted Dog Brewery for some family fun at mealtime! 

What are some of your other favorite local family restaurants?


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