Dear Chick-fil-A, I Adore You

Dear Chick-fil-A,

I frequent you a great deal.

Mainly your location on Ambassador Caffery, but do not fret, your location off of Louisiana Avenue always bids us adieu before we are off to visit grandparents down I10.

You are a momma’s dream.

I’m not sure if it is the cutesie silk flowers that you put out in the spring or the cow hats that we seem to get EVERY TIME, but as I walk through those double doors, toting my 2-year-old and 10-month-old on my hip, I know I am about to be taken care of and that is more than any momma could ever ask for.

Before ordering my delicious food, I quickly scope out the place to find a seat closest to the play area, and your wonderful employees are always there to help me get a highchair. If another adult is with me for the adventure they watch over my things, but if not, there is almost always another momma that will watch out for my diaper bag as I go to order.

An eight-count chicken nugget for me with honey mustard and a Dr. Pepper and a four-count kid’s meal with an apple juice rings true, and I am on my way back to my seat as my little one chants “apple juice!”

Our fairy godmothers show up again offering your disposable place mats that honestly, I want to steal for other places that we go, but you are too good of a friend to steal from, so I will just leave your goodies here and appreciate them every time we visit.

Your service is grand. Our food is here before you can blink an eye! We enjoy your crispy little bites and your salty waffle fries while sadly eating the extra skin ones that we secretly dread, but still devour. I laugh with my littles and people-watch as children respectfully run amuck, and then as I let my 2-year-old go into your glassed-in bubble, I catch a glimpse of another momma that is “taking a break,” but still making sure their child is in plain sight. We lock eyes and instantly get each other. Sometimes we smile, and if I’m lucky we may strike up a little conversation, and that adult interaction is worth the $10 dollars that I spent to feed my inner soul.


An enchanted place you are!

Yes, your play area may be a little “germy” for some mommas, but as my sweet Maggie Mae plays and opens her numerous sanitizing wipes that you graciously give, I know you are trying your best to keep my little one flu-free, and I commend you for that. An exposed immune system is a good immune system, am I right?

Now some children may not want to leave your bubble of fun, but you even have a trick for that. I may trade you a kid’s meal toy for an ice cream on our weekly visits, and I’m okay with that, because bribery is okay every now and then.

As she enjoys her special treat, I put her shoes back on, say hello to Kevin, and pack up our belongings. Before you know it, we are leaving for the door and thanking everyone we see.

It has always been a pleasure.

Until next week,


Is Chick-fil-A your safe haven too? If you see me, don’t be afraid to say hello! Every momma needs a little momma interaction sometimes! 

Amanda Runyan
Amanda is a native of Lafayette, LA. She is married to her husband and business partner, Jeff, and is a momma to two babies two and under, Magdalen and Lloyd. Although she has officially become a stay at home mom this year, she still consults on the side for her project company JAR House. As an entrepreneur, Amanda values the countless hours that local business owners put into their businesses and loves using their products and merchandise while spreading the word about supporting everything local. In between the daily routine of taking care of the household, she loves to write, cook, decorate, take photos, travel, and volunteer. When it is not too hot, you can find her playing with her family outside, visiting local parks, and going to the occasional farmers market!


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