Be a Janet

I’m writing this mostly as a “thank you” to the Janet that’s been a part of my son’s life since we adopted him. But, there have been “Janets” before her that deserve some love and acknowledgment.

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Be A Janet.

My mom’s name is Janet, or was Janet? I’m not sure how to write that …

My mom passed away almost 9 years ago, but her impact and loss are felt daily. I know not having her here as my mom has been devastating. Not having her as a grandmother to my son has been heartbreaking.

My Janet was the best, in those capacities. I lost count how many family members and friends asked her to be the godmother of one of their kids. My mom had a way of showing love and never forgetting a milestone. My mom NEVER took her position in life for granted – whether it be mom, friend, sister, aunt, godmother, daughter, co-worker … even cancer patient.

When my mom died, I knew it would impact my future child / children’s lives but it wasn’t until I became a mom that I understood the impact.

But, we have a Janet!

My son has a great-Aunt Janet that stepped in, almost heaven assigned, to fill some of the “Janet” space in his life. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said: “thank God for Janet!” She picks him up once a week from the bus stop and they go about their way, doing whatever adventure they decide. Library visits, baking, arts and crafts, you name it. If you want to experience immediate disappointment, pick him up on “Janet Day” instead of Janet. He looks forward to their time every week.

Janet’s help is more than help. It’s love, learning, experiences; time spent together and building a relationship with an older person that isn’t mom or dad. My son’s relationship with his Aunt Janet is what I always wanted him to have with my mom.

Growing up, I also had an Aunt Jan(et). She was one of my mom’s best friends and my godmother. I remember summers at her house buying snowballs from her neighbor, playing in the hot tub, and sleepovers. As I grew older, I remember her coming through at the last minute with a second line umbrella that I forgot I needed for my wedding. I know my mom thought “thank God for Jan(et)!” many times.

Your Janet may come by another name or position in your life. But I’m sure we can all think of a “Janet” that’s showed up for us or our kids that we often thank in silence.

So here’s to you! Thank you, “Janets!” I hope you know the impact you have on people’s lives.

Traci Pecot
NOLA born and raised, Traci moved to Lafayette in 2005 to pursue a career in corporate marketing. She married her husband Ryan in 2010 and adopted her son, now 8, in 2016. Today, along with being a full time mom, she owns and operates a dog daycare, boarding and grooming facility in Lafayette. She and her husband maintain a part-time residence in NOLA, spending weekends "home" visiting family and friends. Avid sports fan, dog obsessed, wanna be distance runner (finishing just one half-marathon), and adoption enthusiast, she looks forward to adding "blog contributor" to her lists of accomplishments. 


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