Being A Volunteer at My Daughter’s School is So Rewarding

I had always dreamed of being a mom and my dream came true in April 2018. Being an older mom hasn’t stopped me in any form of being a part of my child’s life in every aspect.  Another long-lived dream came true of being a soccer mom (minus the minivan) when I enrolled her in soccer and Tumble and Cheer at the age of three. Then the day came when it was time for her to go to school. Pre K and all that comes with it. The excitement, the emotions, the letting go and accepting that this little baby is no longer a baby but a little big girl. She is ready to take on the world with all of her own big dreams.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I thought the P.T.A. (Parent Teacher Association) was the coolest thing. My mother wasn’t a part of this for whatever reason, but I told myself that I was going to be a part of the PTA and volunteer for all the things because I was going to be that mom! Unfortunately, the school that my daughter attends doesn’t have this, but they do have the opportunity to volunteer. Believe me, I am one of the first ones to sign up each and every time.

Volunteering is such an awesome experience. It gives you as the parent an opportunity to see what your child gets to see five days out of the week. It gives you a chance to meet the other parents, the staff, and the other teachers that may one day be your child’s teacher. It allows you to bond with the people that are an extension of you and that play a vital role in your child’s life, development, and character. I understand not every parent is able to be able to experience what I consider to be a unique privilege because of work or having other children to look after; however, if there is ever a time when you can take a personal day or get a sitter or however you are able to manage it, it’s an experience and a great memory you will be able to share with your child/children.

Volunteering allows you to spend more time with your child.

Our children spend A LOT of time at school. Becoming a school volunteer gives you the opportunity to share in school-related experiences. It gives you more in common. It also allows you to be a fly on the wall and see your children in a different environment.

I love the fact that I know who the children are in my daughter’s class. It gives me and my child an experience together so that when she comes home, I can listen to her tell me what went on for the day and engage with her and ask her about her day and be a true part of it in conversation. These years have gone and will continue to go by, so fast, so for this momma that waited a lifetime, I am there in any way possible. I am truly enjoying being present at the moment with a child that I prayed for and GOD answered my prayers.

Kim Negrete
I am a Wife and A 1st Time Mommie@49 years of age, to A Beautiful Miracle Baby Girl. I am originally from Dallas, Texas and Have been in Cajun Country since 2005. Prior to my daughter's birth which gave me my Dream Job as a Stay at Home Mom I was in the hospitality industry and before that the transportation industry. My Husband is From Mexico and is in Construction . We love to do Destination Birthdays at The Beach and Travel to Dallas as often as possible to see MiMi. We Love GOD and Put him 1st in All things we do. We Love to just hang out at home in our backyard and enjoy our Daughter... We are The Negrete's Party of Three😇


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