Destination Birthdays: Why This Works For Us!

Destination birthdays are the best. I love to travel, and apparently so does our soon-to-be 4-year-old daughter. I started envisioning all the places I wanted my daughter to see before she was even conceived. I would think ‘hmm…if she is a girl, we could jet off to New York and shop on 5th avenue.’ However, budget-wise we can and will settle for a short drive no more than 10 hours or a domestic flight until she is older. Then we will go abroad. For now, we started with her 1st birthday. Considering I am from Texas and my husband is from Mexico (and we live in south Louisiana and do not have family close by), we decided to go to Houston to the Aquarium. We met my brother, my cousin, and her husband for the weekend, and it was the best 1st birthday I could imagine for her. Other than her only living grandparent, MiMi, not being able to come, I could not think of a better way to spend it than with the people you love.

When our daughter’s 2nd birthday came along, it was COVID lockdown time, so we made the best of It and had a destination backyard vacay. With the inflatable pool, splash pad, and water table, what 2-year-old wouldn’t be in water park heaven? We got her favorite food and cake, and we turned 2 in style right here in South Louisiana.

Then came birthday #3 which was a planned vacation home to Dallas with a party planned for my whole family to come together at one of my favorite childhood memories–Redbird Skate Land. Unfortunately, we had to cancel due to our daughter getting a viral infection a week prior. Instead, I put together her first real party with our friends who have become like family here in Louisiana. It turned out great, but there is just something about sharing this special day with just the three of us. I waited my whole life to be her mommy, and I just love sharing her actual birthday with just her.

So this year, we had a condo booked in Perdido Key, Florida, and we will get our destination birthday that we are so fond of. We will be on the beach for her actual birthday, and when we return, there will be a cake and ice cream party. This will be her new norm if all goes as planned. My husband and I get to spoil her on the special day that she entered this world and into our lives. Then we will share her birthday with others. She is the most precious gift from God, and it’s only right to share her a bit with cake and ice cream so that others may witness and love her, too. But, on the actual day, we will continue to enjoy our destination birthdays, just the three of us!

Kim Negrete
I am a Wife and A 1st Time Mommie@49 years of age, to A Beautiful Miracle Baby Girl. I am originally from Dallas, Texas and Have been in Cajun Country since 2005. Prior to my daughter's birth which gave me my Dream Job as a Stay at Home Mom I was in the hospitality industry and before that the transportation industry. My Husband is From Mexico and is in Construction . We love to do Destination Birthdays at The Beach and Travel to Dallas as often as possible to see MiMi. We Love GOD and Put him 1st in All things we do. We Love to just hang out at home in our backyard and enjoy our Daughter... We are The Negrete's Party of Three😇


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