Letter to My 2 Year Old

Hey sweet girl, I wanted to tell you just how special you are to our family. You are amazing, fun, brilliant, tough, and funny.

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Your curiosity is growing just as fast as your vocabulary. We probably don’t monitor what we say in front of you enough because the things that you repeat are hilarious. Your personality is so so fun. I begrudgingly took you to the mall to see the Easter bunny at your request. Unfortunately, you couldn’t sit near him because we are still in the middle of a pandemic (well over a year for reference when you are a bit older). He sat behind you for your picture and when you looked back after the picture was taken he was standing. You immediately told him to “sit down.” He didn’t – he probably didn’t hear you. You then told him “Dada whip your butt.” We laugh all the time at that story. Gosh, your innocence is so beautiful. Your uncensored and unfiltered feelings and the things you say are so incredibly refreshing to hear.

You love being outside as much and as often as you can. You love sour gummy worms and Gam’s food on Saturdays. You are friendly and you wave at strangers every morning on our walk. You don’t love large crowds and honestly, you are never in a crowd – you know that pandemic thing. You hate loud noises – especially motorcycles and the trash truck.

It is my highest honor and privilege to be your mom. I am so incredibly grateful. Sis, you are a treasure. Your kindness and bravery are unmatched. You are strong and tough in ways some could only imagine being. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop being brave and strong and kind. God loves you more than your father and I – considering how fiercely we love you, it is hard to comprehend or put into words. You took your time coming into the world and still take your time – you say “Wait mama” all the time.

In the delivery room, I played Stevie Wonder’s Overjoyed on repeat – ask your dad about it one day. We sing songs every morning when I wake you up. If I don’t wake you then you sleep well past 9 am. Lately, your most requested songs are “B-I-N-G-O” and Brown Skin Girl.

I’ll finish up with some of Stevie’s lyrics that remind me of you:

From As:

Just as all is born is new
Do know what I say is true
That I’ll be loving you always

Just as kindness knows no shame
Know through all your joy and pain
That I’ll be loving you always

We all know sometimes life’s hates and troubles
Can make you wish you were born in another time and space
But you can bet you lifetimes that and twice it’s double
That God knew exactly where he wanted you to be placed
From Overjoyed – my favorite lyrics change from time to time
And though you don’t believe that they do
They do come true
For did my dreams
Come true when I looked at you
Love you Evie Girl – you are a breathtaking reflection of God’s love
Christina Victor
Christina was born and raised on the northside of Lafayette. After graduating from THE Northside High, she completed pharmacy school at Xavier University of Louisiana. For her sanity, she runs, plays tennis, watches every Serena Williams match, sews, volunteers, and actively seeks to learn, educate, and foster an anti-racist environment around her. She loves learning, reading, book clubs, glitter/sparkles, Beyonce & Serena’s work ethic, athleisure, stationery, bright colors, and all things East Coast. When she is not training for a race or completing some random goal, you can find her swimming (or on the beach), visiting with family and/or friends, and spending time with her husband Cortney and rainbow baby Evie.


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