My View of 2 under 2 in 2022

Did that title make you dizzy? 

I was told all sorts of things when I found out I would have two kids under two. Some of them were true. Some of them couldn’t be further from the truth. With kiddos 20 months apart, there are some things that are easier (loading up a diaper bag), and some things that are harder (so many diapers in that dang diaper bag.) I think sharing your experience helps others to commiserate. So, to the moms out there living that 2U2 life, I hope this can make you feel a little seen. 

  1. You have nightmares about your kids having co-ed sleepovers since all their friends will be in one another’s class. 
  2. Your second kid has no milestone photos because you remember how hard it was to wrangle the first set of photoshoots. A pic lying on the rug will be just fine, thanks!
  3. Costo everything. Kirkland brand diapers, wipes, formula, outfits…your kids should just be sponsored at this point. 
  4. Back-to-back pregnancies and breastfeeding have your boobs looking like butternut squashes in the produce section. 
  5. While your oldest might still feel like your baby, they look SO OLD the day you bring baby #2 home. It’s the sweetest and saddest moment ever.
  6. You have a set of diapers and wipes in almost every room. Who has the energy to get up and go to the changing table for every diaper change?!
  7. You discovered the air fryer, and you’ll never look back.
  8. You worry a lot less about germs. If something hits the floor, we consider it to be nature’s way of building the immune system. 
  9. You quickly abandon the zone defense strategy to man-to-man coverage when it comes to kid wrangling. 
  10. The first year with the youngest goes by WAY FASTER than the oldest…at least for me.
  11. You are already questioning if they will be one or two grades apart…before the youngest can even hold their own head up. 
  12. You tell your spouse, “I think 2 is good.”
  13. You see your kids do something sweet together and think, “Okay maybe one more.”
  14. Some days you feel like you had your first baby a week ago, and sometimes it feels like it was another lifetime. 
  15. The funniest person in the house is the oldest because they make baby #2 laugh harder than anyone else.
  16. Going to Church is an Olympic sport. 
  17. When your kid misbehaves, those around you may give the occasional side-eye, but you’re mainly given grace, understanding, and even help. 
  18. You count down the minutes until the kids are asleep.
  19. As soon as the kids are asleep, you count down the minutes until you can hold them again. 
  20. You have never been more tired.
  21. You have never been more fulfilled.
  22. It’s a wild life, but it is a wonderful one.
Jessica Hauerwas
Jessica is a nonprofit leader who loves bopping around Lafayette for the best burgers or bands in town. She is the Executive Director of Downtown Lafayette Unlimited where she runs the day-to-day nonprofit. She and her husband Chris have three littles at home (Jane, Clark, and Louise) where there is lots of giggling and always a cup of coffee brewing. Jessica is passionate about community-building and empowering working mothers. Jessica also volunteers for various organizations, is a member of the Lafayette Re-Entry Coalition, a graduate of Leadership Lafayette, and a survivor of being a mother of three under 4.


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