Quarantine Memories

Wow. Where did March and April go? I can’t believe that it’s been nearly 50 days since I’ve hugged my daddy’s neck!  Look out, Daddy, because I’m coming for you when this is over!  In the meantime, home-bound with two 6-year-olds and my husband has been – dare I say it – FUN!

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m still working from home, and the kids are being schooled by dad, but “getting off work” at 3:30 and being able to immediately put on my “mama” hat has been really enjoyable. I feel like we’ve done so much and really bonded as a family during these past two months. Here are some of our memories:

1. Fun with Science

Thanks to the super cool science kit that they were gifted, we were able to make tons of colored solutions from three primary colored solutions. And they also made colored “crystals” from the solutions. We also discovered Stomp Rockets, which are amazing. The kids really enjoyed these, and this science-minded mama enjoyed explaining it all to them.

2. Quarantine Birthday Party

The kids turned six at the end of March. At first, we were sad about them missing out on their party, but my husband and I were able to focus our energies into making the day truly special for them. We had their favorite waffles for breakfast, complete with whipped cream and sprinkles, and decorated the entire house and made a cake while they took a nap. We spent the afternoon playing and just hanging out. That evening we had a Zoom Party with our loved ones – albeit a glitchy one – and the kids were thrilled to have everyone sing to them. Turning six is definitely something that they say they’ll remember forever.

3. Backyard Campouts

I mean, what kid doesn’t like forts!  So why not put up a tent in the back yard and let them have at it. And that’s exactly what I did. One day on my lunch break, I went out and set up our small four-man dome tent and surprised the kids with it once their school work was done for the day. They made it their own by adding blankets and toys and books and games and ended up spending the following three days playing outside in it. We even tried to sleep out one night, but pollen won that battle. We had to come in just before midnight due to severe allergy attacks. So that’s when we made our “campsite” in the living room. It was awesome and they loved it.

4. Living Room Campouts

See Number 3, except inside – with air conditioning, running water, and no pollen!

5. World Premiere of Trolls World Tour

We surprised them with this one. We are huge Trolls fans in our house. My husband and I decided to kill the lights, get the kids on to the sofa, and pop some corn (he makes the best popcorn!). They didn’t know which movie we were watching, so seeing the joy on their faces when they figured it out was more than enough reward for us.

I could go on and on as I’m sure many of you could. We’ve cooked, baked, made fireworks in a jar, painted, sculpted clay, played games, worshipped as a family, painted everyone’s fingernails, and ridden bikes; yes, we’ve also had our share of rough family moments – yelling, teasing, sibling fights, etc – but those are not what we are allowing to define our Quarantine 2020. Sure, quarantine isn’t ideal, but it’s all in how you choose to react to it. I’m choosing to remember the good parts, the fun times, and the silly pictures; because during Quarantine 2020, this household had fun and was full of love.  As an aside, if you see my husband with black fingernails, just smile and know that he’s an awesome daddy who made his little girl’s day.

Kelly Atchetee
Kelly is a Baton Rouge born and Acadiana raised Environmental Engineer. She is married to Bryan and they are parents to their six-year old twins, Oliver & Amelia. After many years in Louisiana’s “Cap City”, she and Bryan decided to move their family closer to home and now reside in Youngsville. When Kelly is not working, she enjoys traveling with her family, playing the silliest games her kids can come up with, and starting craft projects she never seems to finish. She is an LSU alum and can be found sporting purple and gold on any given Saturday. While she enjoys football, LSU baseball is her true love; but don’t fret Cajuns fans – she and her family will always show UL some love, as long as they aren’t playing the Tigers.


  1. Wow!! So creative and fun loving!! I love how you made the best of a terrible situation enjoyable. Best parents ever!! I want to know more about fireworks in a jar!

    • They loved it. Take one jar and fill with warm water. In another small bowl or jar put some oil and drop in a few drops of varying food colorings. The food color is water based, so it won’t mix with the oil. Pour the oil mixture into the jar with warm water. As the oil floats back to the top of the water, the drops of food coloring will be “released” into the water and it looks like little bursts of color – like fireworks.


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