The Mom I Thought I Would Be

Some moms run a pretty tight ship. My ship, however, wrecked a long time ago.

Before I had kids, there were so many things I told myself that my kids would NEVER do…. and I meant never.

Jumping on the furniture

My kids would be respectful. My kids would not jump on furniture. They would behave like good little children. NOT. My kids jump on the sofa at my house. GASP! I know, wild children. Nope. Just children. Don’t get me wrong, my children are NOT allowed to jump on anyone else’s furniture, they know this. But at our house, an occasional jump won’t kill me or my furniture (sorry Mom). They are children.

Brownies for Breakfast

My kids will eat eggs and bacon or oatmeal on occasion. Sometimes a brownie it is. I know its not the healthiest option. Occasionally, after fighting to get three kids dressed and ready for the day, getting myself ready, and seeing about the dogs; I don’t have time to prepare a 5-star breakfast, so a brownie, or whatever little Debbie we have available will be the ticket.

Eating What I Cook

I am going to cook one meal, with veggies, and everyone is going to eat it. Sounded good, didn’t it? Definitely not my reality. I’m lucky if I can get one of my kids to eat at ALL. She is the pickiest of picky. So again, those plans flew right out of the window. I told myself I would not let a kid win, ever. I never realized how stubborn they would possibly be. My oldest has defeated me. She will choose a ham sandwich over rice and gravy every single time. She will cry over almost anything you put in front of her and that is one battle that I was just not ready to fight.

Polo for Days

My kids would be well dressed all day every day. Straightened hair. Bows and Polo… NOT. These kids are wild. Don’t ask my girls to put their hair in ponytails, it ain’t happening. I thought maybe with my son I could get away with all the polo. But, he would rather get filthy, so those plans didn’t pan out. Honestly, I never would have dreamed I would let my kids out of the house dressed the way they are dressed at times, but you know…I have bigger fish to fry.

Courtney Henry
Courtney is the wife of Daniel Henry, her high school sweetheart and is the mother to Aleana, Avah and Daniel. She works and resides in the Frog Capital of the World-Rayne, LA. She is a graduate of LSUE and a former boutique owner. She is a self-proclaimed planner addict who loves brownies, Saints football and would rather not be wearing shoes (even though she has a closet full). When she’s not chasing after kids she’s furthering her education and reading. She could live off coffee and cookies, although it would be frowned upon.


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