The School Event Chronicles :: The Impact of School Events on Student Life

The School Event Chronicles :: The Impact of School Events on Student Life

I am a mom of two very active kiddos. They participate in extracurricular activities and always have some type of school event, they keep me and my husband very busy. Their school is always hosting a fun filled event for the kids and we love that for them, those activities keep school fun for our children. I can honestly say I don’t recall any of the schools I attended hosting as many events when I was growing up, maybe if they had I’d have enjoyed school more.

However, let’s be honest, all those events can be A LOT. I am constantly having to remember a themed event, a field trip, a holiday, and the list goes on.

While I am happy my children are able to participate in these events, it requires so much from us as parents. The financial cost, the time it may require you to take off from work to volunteer, and having to remember it all just to name a few. BUT, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m happy to explain why.

My kid’s school hosts a ton of events throughout the year. I won’t name them all but if your kids are in school I know you can relate. The event they look forward to the most are the reading celebrations. Every few months the students are required to read and test to reach their goal. If the goal is met they are rewarded by being allowed to attend the celebration. The staff goes all out for these celebrations and the children love it. This particular event has helped to encourage my kids to read more than I could have done so alone. We have read with them at home since they were born but having their school also encourage them to read is a game changer.

I love that an event hosted by their school is encouraging them to read, which we all know is vital for their growth. This event, like many others hosted at school, encourages the children in some type of way. It may encourage good behavior, reading, or even completion of homework. If you have a kid like mine, they may not get to participate in all the events and you know what that’s ok. There is a lesson in not being able to participate too, which has led to teaching moments for us. Great experiences or even upsetting experiences, these events teach and/or benefit our children in some way. Yes parents it’s a lot and I even complain about it from time to time but those activities can help to encourage and bring our kids so much joy.

The School Event Chronicles :: The Impact of School Events on Student Life

Keep those calendars updated, volunteer if you can, and thank your children’s school staff. They are working hard to keep our children engaged and enjoying school.

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