E. B. Livings

E. B. Livings
E.B. Livings moonlights as a mother of four sons and a teacher of English to high school seniors. She spends her days nurturing 150 people and her dog, Millie. She writes from her comfortable hometown of Rayne. She spent the first decade of the millennium at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Chances are she was your Orientation leader or you read her stuff in The Vermilion or 008 Magazine. She completed a Master's of Arts in Teaching at McNeese in 2017. Her hobbies are as eclectic as her outfits. When she's not guiding her gentlemen through earthly endeavors, she may be found practicing piano or running. In the chaos of loud boy-mom life, she finds solitude doing yoga, praying, or rocking on her back patio while strumming her guitar. You can explore more of her thought experiments at leecee.wordpress.com.

Keep Curbside Service! Love, Parents Everywhere

There are so many things that we’d love to move past from this Corona saga, but let’s take a sec to recognize something we’d love to keep after the phases: curbside pickup! As a...

I’d Choose Sardine Oil Over Giving My Kids Medicine

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