Elizabeth is a work-from-home research analyst for a competitive intelligence consulting firm specializing in the pharm/biotech industry. Most importantly, she's a wife and a mother to three energetic children ages 7, 5, and 3. Born and raised in Lafayette, she went to Millsaps College, then up to Boston University for graduate school where she earned two Master’s Degrees in Communication and Public Health. It was there she fell in love with the city and a handsome law school student from Ipswich, MA. They eventually moved (back) to Lafayette to pursue career opportunities and start a family. Now, when she’s not working, shuttling between car lines and one hundred after school activities, feeding kids, washing dishes, packing lunches, picking up toys, helping with homework, or tackling a never ending to-do list she wishes would do itself (breathe), she attempts to 'practice running' for her first half-marathon in Disney while simultaneously training for her first trip there with the kids.

“Alexa” … You’re Not Welcome Here

I recently posted a question to friends on Facebook seeking advice on how to get my three young children to stay in their beds – whether at bedtime or past 6am on weekends. Or...

What You Don’t See {Is What Matters Most}

Our little family had a wonderful weekend. We went to a kid-friendly fundraiser, danced at a festival, took the kids to eat, saw friends, saw family, played dolls, built Legos, read books, went to...

Oh, the Places I Would Go :: Traveling Through my Son’s Teleporter

Oh, the Places I Would Go :: Traveling Through my Son’s Teleporter My 7 year old son wants to be “some kind of a scientist that builds things” when he grows up. He often drafts...