Kenzie Garner

Kenzie Garner
Kenzie is the Chaos Coordinator to her three Garner girls & solo son: Shaila, Maci, Gemma Evan, & Levi. A New Mexico desert native, she married her best friend, Ty, five years ago. This yucca blossom has been planting her roots in the Lafayette gumbo mud since 2014. As a blended family mama, she has made it her mission to prove that “stepmom” is not a dirty word. When she isn’t studying to be a nurse, you can either find her listening to a true-crime podcast and leisurely strolling the aisles in Costco or on the couch binge-watching trashy reality TV in her sweats. A firm believer in flying your freak flag, with Kenzie, it’s always messy: her home, her hair, & her life...but the mess is magic.

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