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Parenting through the various ages + stages of childhood can be overwhelming and challenging. Just when you think you have life figured out with an infant, they slowly turn into toddlers and everything changes! Not to mention, every family dynamic is unique and each child typically requires a different parenting approach. Many families these days turn to the internet for help and advice, and thus, Lafayette Mom, the premier parenting website in Lafayette, LA, was born. Our team of 20+ local Lafayette moms share their opinions, expertise and resources with you to make parenting in Acadiana easier.  

Perhaps you are unexpectedly pregnant and your partner is not quite on board yet. We understand and can empathize because we’ve been there. If you are walking the lonely journey of miscarriage, we are here to hold your proverbial hand every step of the way. Lafayette Mom also prides itself on providing helpful resources for the important things you need as a parent in Lafayette, LA. For example we have a list of where to find swim lessons in Lafayette, as well as a list of the best schools in Lafayette, LA. As your family moves through the ages + stages of raising kids, you will discover that Lafayette Mom is here with you every step of the way!

Through all ages + stages of childhood, Lafayette Mom is designed to be a “go to” resource for parents. Whether you’re in the trenches battling RSV, or wondering how to tackle the sex talk with your tweens, our content is relevant to modern parents. We will cry with you as you send your little off to preschool, and we will rejoice with you when you find out that it’s twins! Let Lafayette Mom help you navigate all ages + stages with ease. 

For more content on parenting in Lafayette, LA, subscribe to our weekly newsletter HERE! I often times find myself selfishly wondering, “What would life be like without children?” Would I be the well-put-together trophy wife with the perfectly designed, white box...
For more content on parenting in Lafayette, LA, subscribe to our weekly newsletter HERE! My husband and I don’t let our toddler sleepover with our family members. This has been a difficult road to navigate without hurting anyone’s feelings. I thought...




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