Christmas Shopping :: What to Buy the Person Who Has Everything

It wasn’t so long ago that I remember a time where I didn’t have everything I needed. Granted, my income was surely a lot lower than it is currently. When Christmas came along, it didn’t take me long at all to quickly list what I wanted and needed on demand. As I have gotten older, I do struggle at first to write a list, but a simple google search, time brainstorming or crowdsourcing solves this problem.

But every year without fail there are people on my list who make gifting impossible.

They have everything they want. And if something comes up during the year they want, they purchase it on their own. This is really problematic for gift-givers on such myself. I pride myself on being a thoughtful gift giver. Shopping for the one who has it all is cruel for my giving heart.

Typically the only way I have outsmarted these self-gift givers is finding something they would like that they don’t know exists. Or I need to find something that is a heartwarming memento, usually hand-made. If you have anyone still on your Christmas list who seems impossible to shop for, take a gander at the suggestions below to be inspired or directly order the same gift. These are tried and true purchases I myself have gifted that have delighted those were on the receiving end.

For the jet setter (frequent traveler):

It’s hard to impress someone who has been to countless countries in their life. But alas, if there’s one thing they love, it is documenting all their worldly travelers. I found some pretty cool maps on Etsy that allow the gifted to scratch off where they have traveled to, making an amazing illustration of their documented trips. Here is an example of a similar one I have purchased in the past.

Something else that is on every jet setter’s wish list right now is a passport or travel wallet that contains a place to insert their Covid-19 vaccination card. Especially for those who are traveling internationally, they have to show this card quite a few times and it can be beyond convenient to have it easily accessible and viewable. Here are some great ones on Amazon to peruse.

For the grandparents in your children’s life:

This group is always so hard for me. Both sets of our parents seem to lack in wants, but of course, we all know the secret way to their heart: grandchildren. One year we gave my father-in-life this digital photo frame which was an instant hit. It allowed us to send pictures directly to the frame instantly, even though we lived hours away. Or a calendar with photos from your child or children throughout the year can only delight your parents and in-laws.

For the one who loves a pretty picture:

There are some very cool artists you can order from who will take a treasured photograph and instantly turn it into a piece of art. I ordered a photo like this for my mom one year when she lost her mom and it came out to be such a treasured gift.

For the cook who loves edible masterpieces:

Cooks run in my husband’s family (lucky me!), and I have witnessed the delicate art that is preparing a meal. One thing I’ve learned quickly with my husband is the subtle appreciation of taste pairings, and how in-depth it can be when creating a meal. Which is why “The Flavor Bible” is every cook’s dream. Everyone we have gifted this with has used it countless times, making it a must-have for every kitchen.

For the man/woman who loves to fire up the (BBQ) pit:

Shout-out to the Louisiana Mom group (Lafayette Mom, New Orleans Mom and Red Stick Mom) for this great find. This covers everything a griller can need from prep to chopping to ease of transferring the BBQ essentials.

For the one who prizes his/her clean car:

A free ticket to unlimited car washes would be their true heart’s desire. Lafayette’s Classic Auto Spa — easily the local favorite — has three convenient locations and unlimited memberships to ensure a clean car 24/7.

For the wine connoisseur who loves exploring new bottles:

You can’t go wrong with more wine. Or better yet, what about a wine club? There are literally hundreds to pick from nowadays, but here is one that looks especially inviting. If there’s one thing a wine lover loves more than drinking wine, it is discovering new wine labels to enjoy.

For the loved ones who have new chapters in their lives (engagement, marriage, baby, etc):

There’s something special about receiving a personalized ornament when celebrating a new milestone in your life.  A dear friend bought me one when I was recently engaged (pictured below) and as you can imagine, Etsy has a wonderful array of variety. I recently bought this one to celebrate a new baby in the family.

Christmas shopping is never an easy feat, especially for those we love who seem to have it all. Hopefully, these ideas can kickstart your brainstorming for those hardest to shop for, and ultimately lead you to crossing more names off your list.

Katie Templet
A kid at heart, Katie loves all things writing, Harry Potter and musicals. At any moment, she is down for either a cup of coffee or margarita. Her passions are building and improving her community of Lafayette, where she was born and raised, and teaching her one daughter to have a British accent. (Not so successful at that last part yet). She spends her day as a nonprofit ambassador, helping nonprofits amplify their mission and creating more social good.


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