Depression and the Holidays :: A Humorous Survival Guide

Depression and the Holidays :: A Humorous Survival Guide

Winter is coming, both literally and mentally! As a 10 plus year member of Depression Anonymous, I am all too familiar with the effects that the changing seasons can have on my mental state. If you, like me, also suffer from this sneaky life sucker of an illness then you know what a killjoy it can be around the holidays. Everyone else is signing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and you’re just thinking “why can’t we all just go to bed?” The added stresses of the holiday season can tend to bring out the worst in those suffering from depression and anxiety. Its just hard.

With 10 years of holidays toting depression as my sidekick, I’ve learned a few things along the way. Most importantly, you have to find room to laugh! So here are my tips to help you survive the holidays even when you feel you just can’t.

The Santa Hat

Listen, often times showering can seem like the biggest challenge of the day. So you know what … SKIP IT! Throw on a trusty Santa Hat. You will be the most festive mom in car line, your kids will think you are the best, and no one will know you haven’t washed your hair in two weeks!

The Candy Cane

These little crooked peppermint sticks are great for eating and decorating the tree. However, on those days when getting off the couch to play with your kids proves to be just too much, hand your kids a pack of candy canes and become the tree yourself. They can hang candy canes from your ears, fingers, wrists, and toes. This takes minimal effort and you don’t even have to leave the couch!

The Christmas Outfit

Do you have one? Just one. That’s all you need is one. Then you can wear it over and over and over again for an entire month. Its literally the one month of the year that you can wear a single outfit a ridiculous amount of times and totally get away with it! Same goes for your kids too. No brain power required on this one.

The Christmas Lights

It’s dark. It’s so so dark. All the kids are restrained in the car. You are out doing a family activity where you don’t have to get dressed, see anyone, or wrangle your children. It is the trifecta of holiday survival. You may want to go look at Christmas lights every night now!

The holiday season is no small task to accomplish for the ordinary mama bear, but for those of us suffering with the added burden of mental illness, things can get messy. While it’s comforting to laugh with one another about surviving the holidays, depression and anxiety is no joke.

If you or a loved one is suffering from the symptoms of depression and anxiety, don’t wait another second to get the help you need.

Talk to your spouse, partner, parents or friends. Then make an appointment to talk to your doctor and a counselor. Lafayette is bursting with amazing counselors just waiting to walk you thru this struggle. Then join me next year as we laugh our way thru the holidays one candy cane mama tree at a time!

National Suicide Prevention Line


Wendy Lomenick
Wendy is a Mississippi girl transplanted here in Cajun country by way of Alabama. Wendy moved to Lafayette over 4 years ago with her husband, the ship builder, and their baby girl. It didn’t take long before she had fully embraced the culture and added two Cajun boys to her family! Now her family of five enjoys all things Lafayette, from Friday night zydeco dancing at Randol’s to Saturday morning farmers markets at the horse farm and Festival International. Wendy is a stay at home to her three kids, but she’s always working that side hustle. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong. She owns and operates Bearly Bayou. Wendy combines her knack for business and creativity into one outlet, making and selling hand painted wooden door hangers. When she’s not being a full-time mom, wife and entrepreneur, she spends her time at church singing, at dinner gabbing and at home cleaning (haha…no).


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