The Great Underwear Debate

Christmas is around the corner, and gift-buying is in full swing. With this in mind, our team of writers was recently posed the following question:

“How do you feel about your mother-in-law purchasing underwear for your husband?”

This seemingly insignificant question spurred quite an interesting thread of responses. There were multiple cases for and against mothers-in-law purchasing underwear for their married sons. We thought we’d share some of our responses with our readers and find out which side of the debate you’re on.


  • It saves us money!
  • Wouldn’t bother me one bit!
  • I wish my mother-in-law would buy such a practical gift!
  • If it’s a nicer pair than he would ever buy for himself, then I think it’s a nice gift!
  • It’s a tradition in our family!
  • Wait, wives don’t like it when the mother-in-law buys their son underwear?!


  • I take it as her low-key way of telling me that I don’t know how to take care of her son.
  • I feel like mama should stay away from the intimates. It feels like an intrusion to me, and like she’s saying “mama knows best and I have to do my daughter-in-law’s job.”
  • Add it to my list of “things not to do as a mother-in-law!”
  • I feel like once my sons get married, there should be a transfer of power, so to speak. Let the wife handle the intimate apparel.
  • Wouldn’t it be weird if the father was still buying underwear for his married daughter?

So, is underwear for your husband from your mother-in-law fair game? Or is it a boundary you wish she wouldn’t cross? We’d love to know if you are #TeamBringOnTheBriefs or #TeamBoundaries!


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