Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just under a month away which means it’s time to start getting serious about finding the perfect gift for the men in your life. Our fathers and father-like figures play a special rolls in our lives, and Father’s Day is the time to reflect on that. Finding the perfect gift is always a quest but for those tricky fathers who are hard to shop for, we’ve got a list of gift ideas that should help you out.

Outdoor Dad:

Does spending time outside appeal to him? How about a hammock or a new yard game to play? Bring out your dad’s competitive side but also spend quality time with him. This portable set of cornhole is perfect to take to the park for an afternoon of fun.

Sentimental Dad:

Thoughtful gifts that mark time are always in style. I purchased this beautiful framed and printed star map last year from The Night Sky and had it customized with our daughter’s birthday. If you’d like something smaller, consider having a keychain customized with the coordinates to your house.

Tech Dad:

Does your hubby love everything tech? There are endless gadgets our there that are sure to please the dad in your life and give him hours of tech entertainments. Gifts such as this fun VR set, a cool drone or for the more frugally minded dad a lawn sprinkler controller are sure to be a hit. This Skyroam Soilis Mobile Wifi Hotspot and Power Bank has really caught my eye this year.

Athletic Dad:

Does he like to hit the gym every morning? More than likely his gym bag takes on some wear and tear. This new gym bag can keep him organized and in style. If he’s interested in meal prep, then this Meal Prep Lunch Pack is just what he needs. I gifted this one to my significant other two years ago, and he was and still is obsessed with it.

BBQ Dad:

You can never go wrong with monogramming, right? Or for that man in your life that loves barbecuing, how about their own steak brand and cutting board? This beautiful set is sure to make even the pickiest dad happy.

Elegant Dad:

Cufflinks are a fail safe for that dad in your life that likes finer things. Maps by A.JAFFE allows you to engrave any address in the world on a piece of jewelry using Google Maps. You then let a diamond mark the moment and place that changed everything. Your dad can wear his heart on his sleeve with this gift.

If this year is a little tighter budget wise than other years, there are always things you can do for Dad to show your appreciation that are low cost or even free: a card of thanks, his favorite dessert, movie tickets to spend the afternoon together, clean his vehicle inside and out, or maybe even mow the grass for him so he can take the afternoon off.

Whatever you do, I hope the men in your life feel special and appreciated on Father’s Day.

Carlie is a divorced mom of five. She moved to Lafayette 22 years ago from a small town in-between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. She has four young adult children from her first marriage that ended after 19 years, Christopher, Cara, Clay and Cade. She has a one year old daughter, Poppy Mae with her significant other, Joey. She is a work-at-home mother who is a freelance writer and photographer/owner of Carlie Anne Collective. Organized chaos and tons of lists are her style. Carlie loves to workout, travel, visit with her friends, bike with Poppy Mae in their neighborhood, attend outdoor concerts, eat out at local restaurants, walk aimlessly through stores looking for good deals and swing in her hammock while chatting about her BST addiction with her online friends. She keeps an active Instagram account as a photo journal of her days.