Sharing Our Father (Coach P) with Our Small-Town Community ~ Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Sharing Our Father (Coach P) with Our Small-Town Community ~ Happy Father’s Day, Dad

One of a Kind

Our dad is a truly unique fella. Before we came along, he made a commitment to always return to his roots if his dream of becoming a pro athlete didn’t come true. He was blessed to live that dream for a couple of seasons, but life led him back to the community he loved from day one. As a young boy, he experienced the kindness of this community, and all he wanted was to repay that kindness to their kids. He received his blessings in more ways than one.

The Beginning

His journey brought him back to the school where he had attended, played sports, and graduated. He became an educator and coach in our hometown of Erath, LA. Starting at the middle school and eventually moving to the high school, he once said, “I’m going to coach in that gym one day!” A few years later, those words became a reality. Dad’s career spanned an incredible 46 years.

Sharing Our Father (Coach P) with Our Small-Town Community ~ Happy Father’s Day, Dad

One by One

We were five siblings—three girls and two boys—who witnessed firsthand the impact he had on his students. We shared those same lessons at home, and every day we’d ride to and from school, singing Mariah Carey songs (his favorite) all the way home. As the years went by and our oldest sibling graduated, the number of passengers dwindled. Those rides were some of our most memorable moments.


He Decided It Was Time

At the beginning of this year, Dad told us his plans to retire. He always promised we’d be the first to know. It was bittersweet because his life was intertwined with Erath. He loved coaching, teaching, and imparting life lessons to our youth, just as he did for us. His goal was always to help others reach their full potential, just as he helped us. The community of Erath showered him with love and appreciation for being exactly who he was every single day.

A Staple of Honor

Throughout the years, Dad was honored many times for his success in coaching and teaching. Whether in the weight room, gym, or on the field, he was a constant presence. Special assistants helped with daily tasks, like ironing his basketball game day clothes. But the most significant honor came during my 20th class homecoming reunion when he was named Homecoming’s Grand Marshal and the gym he dreamed of coaching in was dedicated to him, with his name stamped on the court floors. An immaculate moment indeed! Forever grateful to the community for making 5/24/24 the official “Coach P Day”, for our local news to do a segment on his retirement, and to Erath High School’s faculty and friends for putting together a retirement party on his last day of school. We were left speechless and eternally thankful.

Never Underestimate What God Has in Store for You

Living day by day, never changing how you teach, coach, and care for your family, teaches profound life lessons. To have done this faithfully for 46 years is incredible. While we may never fully understand what it feels like to dedicate oneself to one thing for so long, being part of it for 43 of those years gives us immense pride. It’s a privilege to honor our dad and share him with a loving community that has embraced us from birth.

A Personal Reflection

Having a loving and caring father like ours has shaped us into the adults we are today. The lessons Dad taught us have been passed down to my own children, always leading by example. We are who we are today because of our parents. There will never be a moment when one of his lessons isn’t relatable. As the years go on, I know I will continue to reflect on his life lessons. A true legend with an incredible legacy!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! We love you so much!


Joni Broussard
Joni was born and raised in Erath, LA. Lover of God, family, friends, coffee, working out, writing, journaling, sitting on the beach, capturing moments, conversations, Jamaica, and traveling. Married to the love of her life, Corey. She adores their love story and journey, and it'll forever be her favorite. They are parents to three beautiful blessings and two precious Goldendoodles. With a hectic planner that fills up daily with mom and wife duties, Joni would not have it any other way. She loves a full agenda at times, especially when the agenda includes the activities of her kids, family and friends, yearly vacations, date nights, and visits from her adult kids. Learning and growing is something to always place next to her name. She loves hard and with God by her side, she gracefully adores all of the blessings HE has given her and the ones HE has set aside for her.


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