Why I Look Forward To Lent

Every year as Mardi Gras approaches, I start to think of what I can do during Lent to get to the best version of me.  I am Catholic so it’s always been a religious tradition for me, but I’ve realized that many faiths and even those who just want to better themselves, use Lent as a time to do some reflecting.

Over the past few years I’ve done the same thing every year; I stay away from all social media.

I realize I’m writing a post that will most likely be shared on social media but hear me out.  Anything I read or use for parenting advice, crafting ideas, etc. can be found via a direct website. I don’t banish the internet; I just take a break from all the “going-ons.” And it is my FAVORITE thing to do. I really need to find something new to do for Lent because it’s supposed to be some sort of sacrifice. But this time has become sacred to me and something I look forward to every year.

Don’t get me wrong, social media can be a wonderful thing. I’ve kept up with people throughout the years that I know I would have lost touch without that access. There are lots of great support groups, places to share ideas, etc. But it comes with a side of bombardment. What is everyone doing, where are they going, what new virus is going around, is your child behind, are you doing enough for your marriage, watch out for these signs of illness, exercise more, make more time for your friends, take your kids to this event, buy ALL THIS STUFF, eat less, clean more, stress less, do more more more.  It’s enough to make me scream ENOUGH ALREADY at my computer screen! And this is in our face every single day. During Lent, I take a breath. I spend more time reading, listening to music, talking to actual people, and *gasp* thinking one thought at a time.

It is always more refreshing than I expect it to be.

As a mother, it’s easy to become the ultimate multi-tasker and for good reason, we are BUSY people. But it’s important to breathe. It’s important to step back and give ourselves a hot minute to just BE. I know it feels like you will be cutting yourself off from people, but I’ve found it to be the exact opposite. It gives me the available headspace to truly connect with whoever I am with. Maybe it’s not social media for you. Maybe it’s texting, binge watching Netflix, long hours at work, you name it. But I encourage you to take a break for yourself. See what happens we you come up for air and look around. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Aleice Gauthier
Aleice lives in Lafayette with her wonderful husband Jonathan and their three beautiful children: Evelyn (6), Nora (3), and Louis (8 months). She is originally from Alexandria, LA and graduated from ULL in 2006. She then moved to Lubbock, Texas where she earned her MFA in Theatre Arts from Texas Tech University. Aleice and her family have been living in Lafayette for 5 years now and she is very grateful to be raising her children in a culture so rich in family and traditions. Aleice loves being a mom, Target, yoga, wine, spending time with family and friends, her faith, her dog Ellie, Disney, musicals, and most importantly coffee.


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