Dear Naya Rivera, We Know

Dear Naya,

The mothers know.

We have never met. I know nothing of your life other than what the tabloids have printed and that you starred in Glee. However, this past week many people have spoken your name, prayed for you, prayed for your family and friends, and prayed for your precious son.

Today the press released the chilling details of your heroic story. Police have reported that you pushed your son out of the water and on to the boat, but likely did not have the strength to save yourself from the current.

Naya, we may not have details or video or any sort of breakdown of what happened that day, but we know. Mothers everywhere know. We know that you were hoping to make a special memory with your son, the light of your life. We know that you wanted him to have a fun day. We know that things didn’t go as planned. We know the fear that must have gripped you as you realized something wasn’t right. We know that in that moment all your thoughts merged into one.

“Save my son.”

We know that you used every ounce of grit, faith, and strength you have ever known to get him to that boat. We know that you didn’t stop for a second to think of yourself. We know that every moment of your life all seemed to fade and this was the only moment that ever mattered. We know you felt relief when you finally got him out of the water. We know you never doubted choosing his life over your own.

I want you to know that every loving mother on this planet was behind you, pushing with you. I am a person of faith and I believe God is with us always. And I believe that God allows us to support others in many ways. Reading your story, we were all there, holding you up as you made the ultimate sacrifice. We were with you. Keep going Naya, swim, push, you can do it.

We know. We know what you had to do, and you did it.

Your son will live on thanks to you. He will be loved and cared for by many. And he will always know that his mother’s love knows no limits. I hope you are watching us from above and basking in the pride of your son. From every mother everywhere, you did it Naya. You did it.

Aleice Gauthier
Aleice lives in Lafayette with her wonderful husband Jonathan and their three beautiful children: Evelyn (6), Nora (3), and Louis (8 months). She is originally from Alexandria, LA and graduated from ULL in 2006. She then moved to Lubbock, Texas where she earned her MFA in Theatre Arts from Texas Tech University. Aleice and her family have been living in Lafayette for 5 years now and she is very grateful to be raising her children in a culture so rich in family and traditions. Aleice loves being a mom, Target, yoga, wine, spending time with family and friends, her faith, her dog Ellie, Disney, musicals, and most importantly coffee.


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