My First Mommy Trip

So, there I was sitting in the New Orleans International Airport, all alone. I was taking my very first ‘Mommy Trip.’ While I have taken solo trips in the past, they have always been work related. This time was different. I was on my way to Vegas to see Usher.

To be perfectly honest, the mom guilt hit me hard! I was leaving my family on the weekend. Weekends are usually reserved for family time. And to make it worse, this weekend was my daughter’s first volleyball game. How could I miss that? I went back and forth with whether I should go. Would my family survive the weekend without me? Would she be upset that I missed her game? Am I a bad mom for wanting to go? You know, all the silly thoughts we have when we think about doing something for ourselves. But since I am the one that keeps telling you to take off your Supermom cape, I had to take my own advice. So off I went!

As I was sitting in the airport, I was having major FOMO. My husband sent me a pic of her in her uniform all smiles, and after the game, I got a play-by-play update. And I have a full season of games to catch.

By the time I arrived in Vegas, I was over the mom guilt (kinda), and ready to enjoy myself. I checked into the hotel, sat at the pool, and enjoyed an overpriced salad and drink. Then I took a quiet shower and had a wonderful nap. All uninterrupted!

The concert was amazing! One of the best live performances I have ever seen. I must say at one point, I got a little sleepy. There is a 2-hour time difference and this mama is usually in bed by 9:30. But I pushed through and truly enjoyed myself.

The next day I was on my way home to my family. My cup was full, and I was rested and happy. They were all happy to see me as I was happy to see them. This impromptu trip taught me a few things, mainly that my family can survive without me. But also, that it is imperative to push through the mom guilt and enjoy alone time. Now I can’t wait for another night on the town … where to next?

Torilyn Williams
Torilyn Williams is a Louisiana native, born and raised in New Orleans. She moved to Lafayette to attend UL Lafayette, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Applied Life Sciences. Tori is blessed to be the wife of her ambitious and hardworking husband, Damian. The devoted mom of Tatum Marie (6) and Aubrey Malia (5) and bonus mom to Damian Jr. (20). Tori has been working in the banking industry for over fifteen years. She is a member of Junior League Lafayette. Tori has a heart for volunteerism, she loves to give back to the community and mentor the youth. Tori is a die-hard New Orleans Saints fan. She is also a self-proclaimed foodie that loves to chronicle her food adventures on Instagram (@Dashofwilliams). Outside of work you can find Tori spending time with family and friends, traveling, trying new recipes, and working out. Tori is always down for a good meal with family or a shopping trip!


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