The Art of “Getting It Together”

The Art of “Getting It Together”

I’m gonna keep it really real for this one. I am a self-proclaimed procrastinator. A works-better-under-pressure-when-there’s-only-an-hour-left kinda girl. Obviously, this hasn’t made for a very stress-free life, but this is just how I’ve been for as long as I can remember. In high school, I would study the night before the test. Then in college I got a little more bold and would just wake up early the day of. And I just know my momma is cringing reading that … Sorry momma!

The Art of "Getting It Together"

I drive my Type A best friend crazy, make my husband insane, and to be honest, I truly even get on my own nerves. Now that I’ve confessed my biggest fault to all you strangers, let me just clarify that I do mean well. I don’t want to be this way, and I do want to make my own life easier. As a full-time teacher and mom with a small business, I know I need to reign it in now more than ever.

Now, maybe you’ve been nodding your head this whole time in solidarity (you’re not alone!), or maybe I’m making you cringe too. Either way, I want to share some things I’ve been doing to “get it together.”

I’ve done two things differently this school year and though they seem simple, I find they at least give the illusion that I can handle every day life!

organizing, procrastination
Getting it together requires a little bit of organization.

First, I got a planner. And to be honest, this year’s planner is the very first one I’ve owned in my life that I actually used past August. I’m not even exaggerating. The difference? A pretty planner I like to look at and my favorite pens to write in it with. It seems obvious and simple, but for me, it’s working. I always bought bulky teacher planners but this year I bought a more streamlined, light option that I can carry in my purse. I take it with me everywhere. It comes home at night and comes to school in the morning. I even busted it out on a field trip to the zoo the other day. Life is so busy in the spring months for us, that every activity must go in the planner as soon as I find out about it. Imagine the pride I felt when I reminded that Type A bestie from earlier about an event she forgot about (it’s probably the first and last time, but I was excited, okay?)

Another thing that’s worked well for me this year is getting myself ready first.

Sometimes I’m dressed and ready before my kids’ eyes even open in the morning. They tend to drag in the morning, so at least once we’re focused on them getting ready, we can get out the door immediately. I find we’re less rushed and I’m not snappy with them thinking of all the other things we need to do before we leave.

Those two things have made a world of difference, and I love that for me. But let’s have another moment of realness and talk about the one thing I still need to work on. And even if you do “have it all together” I can almost guarantee you need to work on this, too. I really need to learn to say the world no more often.

planner, get dressed first, say no
Easier said than done.

As moms, we try to take it all on, all the time. We don’t like to ask for help. It’s easier if we just do it ourselves (even if it’s 3 minutes before it needs getting done). But guess what, not all of it needs to get done. Not every event needs to be attended. Sometimes saying no and giving yourself grace does a 180 for your mental health. Saying yes to yourself and your rest is so important as a mom.

Your family would much rather a mom who is happy and patient than a mom who does all the things but is losing her mind.

Remember that. It’s okay to want to “get it together” but it’s okay if it’s still a work in progress. So, write down all the things, take care of yourself first, and…just say no.


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