Wake Up and Just Be You

For whoever needs to hear this, WAKE UP! Wherever you are in life, be present. Be intentional. Be authentic and truthful. Just BE you.

Freshly plowed soil. That’s where I am at this point in my life. Like the soil of a garden that was recently cultivated. The soil is overturned and there has been quite a bit of busyness, dealing with the exposed lingering roots of things previously planted. Some of the cultivating was painful but necessary. And, now, the foundation is fertilized with truth and ready to receive the new things God wants to plant. It has been a long road – BUT – it was worth every minute.

Hear me out – NOTHING in your life is ever wasted. There is purpose in joy, purpose in peace, and there is even purpose in pain. God can, and will, use anything and anyone. Your past does not matter. God doesn’t search your story, He searches your heart. Speak your truth.

Listen closely daughters, sisters, and fellow Mommas…Wake Up!

Shake off the sleep induced by this world’s poisonous lies. You’re not lacking, failing, or inadequate as they’d have you believe. You are ENOUGH, you are WHOLE, and you have nothing to prove. Don’t look to the world to define you.

You are a spring breeze just beginning to take flight. You are the breath of God, the cradle of light. You are formless, boundless potential as great as the sky, all packed in a body that itself creates life. Wake up and remember who you are and whose you are! You aren’t a title printed on paper, nor the contents of your head. You can’t be defined through an accumulation of numbers on accounts, ratings, and scales. Remember, you are HIS precious daughter.

You’ve been cramped in that box for so long that to stand causes pain – but the time has come to break out and bravely walk through the ache. You weren’t made to be just one kind of person, to go just one way, to believe just one thing. You’re a well of potential that drinks from an infinite spring.

Your real power, true purpose, and unbridled passion eagerly awaits.

Remember who you are and break free from your social constraints. You’re the bud before springtime, the sun before morning. You are the raging river just before its dam breaks.

You’re here to create, not just to contain. Mainstream ideals and images are all a diversion, intentionally crafted to be impossible to meet. It’s just an illusion, keeping us chasing the next new thing and separating us with the belief that we need to compete. It’s time to stop wasting our power and remember who we truly are…you glorious little glimmer in God’s eye! It’s time to show your heart and your soul – the places where the true power hides.

Authenticity is knowing who you are and being brave enough to live it. Be authentic with me. Believe me, I know it isn’t easy and this week has been extra difficult for me, but we can rest in knowing that there is light on the other side of obedience. You don’t have to be perfect to inspire others. Let people be inspired by how you deal with your imperfections. Real is rare. No one is you, and that’s your superpower.

Monica Suire
Monica was born and raised in a little town called Erath, about 20 miles south of Lafayette. After high school, she went on to continue her education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette - GEAUX CAJUNS! She is a proud 2004 alumna, with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Business Law, and a minor in Finance. Lucky for her, it didn’t take long to land a dream career in healthcare. These days, you can find her living her best life as a chauffer, photographer, crisis manager, and cheerleader for her precious daughter, Layla. When she’s not recovering from life with a tween, you can find her passionately pursuing Jesus, volunteering, writing for Lafayette Mom, or at her CrossFit box. Monica has a passion for people and empowering other women, but if you want to empower her, then it will most certainly be through a freshly brewed pot of coffee!


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