Erath Fourth of July :: A Family Tradition That’s More Than Just Fireworks

Erath Fourth of July :: A Family Tradition That’s More Than Just Fireworks

As July quickly creeps up on us, I know that pretty soon my timeline will have people asking for the best family friendly fireworks shows in the area. It happens every year, and most of the time, I never see our favorite spot listed. Erath is just a short drive from Lafayette, and they hold an annual Fourth of July celebration. Fireworks are just a tiny piece of what they offer.

Erath Fourth of July :: A Family Tradition That's More Than Just Fireworks

Growing up in Delcambre, the highlights of my summer were always Erath Fourth of July and the Delcambre Shrimp Festival. Erath’s biggest event dates back to 1936, and it has only grown since then. In addition to a street fair with all the traditional rides, local vendors set up booths offering delicious food and drinks to enjoy while listening to the music of the fais do do. The street shuts down and you are free to set up chairs or stand and dance in the parking lot of the Bank of Erath. This year’s artists include the Chee Weez, Geno Delafose, Dustin Sonnier and Alligator Blue. This festival is one of the few, if not the only, without any gate fee to enter.

The Erath High Cross Country team hosts a 5k and 1 mile fun run the day of the Fourth with prizes for each age group. Later in the evening, a parade rolls through town, featuring local Royalty from many festival pageants, including the newly crowned Fourth of July Queens. This is another family favorite. Perhaps our favorite event, though, is the Water Fight pitting local fire departments against one another. Firefighters from all the neighboring towns (Erath, Delcambre, Leblanc, Henry and Meaux) compete against one another till only one department remains. Kids and adults love watching and it always draws a large crowd.

The firework show marks the end of the celebration at 9pm on the night of the Fourth. Cars line Highway 14 from Delcambre through Erath and families gather in their truck beds and folding chairs to watch the show. It’s arguably one of the best in the area and it’s totally free.

With all summer events, heat can be an issue, but if you come prepared, you will have a blast. Strollers and wagons are welcome, and attaching a fan to either one will make your little last longer in the July temperatures. We usually pack a couple of water bottles for the kids and buy our drinks at the fair (ice chests are not allowed).

More information including event times and dates can be found at or their Facebook Page, Erath 4th of July.


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