This Winter is the Perfect Time to Get “Cozy at Home” with the Hilliard Art Museum!

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by the Hilliard Art Museum. 

This Winter is the Perfect Time to Get “Cozy at Home” with the Hilliard Art Museum!

Winter Options for Virtual Activities In LafayetteWinter in Louisiana is looking a little different this year: gone are the Mardi Gras floats, the gathering around a table for Crawfish with a few dozen of your closest friends, the bright and colorful parades; replaced by Zoom meetings, at-home learning, and way too much screen time for everyone in the family. No doubt about it, the Winter blues are here.

At the Hilliard Art Museum, we aren’t letting those Winter blues get us down. Enter “Play Day: Cozy at Home!” The second event in the museum’s series of fully online Play Days, “Cozy at Home” encourages families to play together and celebrate winter right in their own living room. Play Day activities have been created by the education staff at the Hilliard for art lovers of all ages and allow creative learning and growth through a variety of videos and downloadable exercises.

What could a cozy Play Day look like for your family? Start by listening to a story time (or three!) with Lafayette Public Library Librarians, and when you’re done, head outside to your back yard to explore what animals and plants you can find living there. Go on a nature scavenger hunt, spending time with your senses to see what you can hear, smell, touch and see around you.  Back inside, you can take a virtual tour of one of the museum’s latest exhibitions, learn how to decorate your home with recycled materials, and give some love to our feathered friends by making a “pine-tastic” bird feeder out of peanut butter, cornmeal and raisins. At the end of the day, make a yummy hot coco, and snuggle up under the blankets as a family. Who needs those Mardi Gras parades when you can take a Blues Tour down the Mississippi, or learn how to sing a “Cool Cats” song?

The best part about the online Play Day experience, is that there is never a bad time to play! Make the activities work for you and your family on your own time – whether it’s a full day of fun, or a few activities every weekend to keep everyone excited about what makes Winter great. Watch your favorite story time again and again or spend an afternoon with a Cozy Reading list.

Winter may look different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with safe, healthy fun! All of the activities for “Play Day: Cozy at Home” can be found online HERE and are free for everyone to enjoy. Don’t let those Winter blues get you down: celebrate and get cozy with the Hilliard Art Museum!


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