Shores of Serenity :: A Family’s Beach Legacy

Shores of Serenity :: A Family’s Beach Legacy

Beyond Ready

If summertime isn’t on the minds right now, I don’t know what is … it’s that time of the year for book sacks to be put away, suitcases to come out of hiding, bathing suits to be put on, feet to hit the sand, and a dip in the pool! Like a bunch of kids in the candy store, moms and dads are ready for it too! If you’re anything like this mom, our beach plans are booked at the end of the previous year to be ahead of all of the stress in finding a condo for the week. One less thing on my worry agenda, as we already know a year in advance the date, time and location of our next family beach trip.

Grown to Love

Growing up I remember always being on a beach with my siblings as our parents were travel softball players. Biloxi, Mississippi (beach) is where we have our most cherished memories. After their games, we’d spend the rest of our days on the beach. We visited Gulf Shores for the first time with my husband’s family in 2008, and it wasn’t until many moons later that we were blessed to make those memories with our own family.

Shores of Serenity :: A Family’s Beach Legacy

In 2015, my husband and I planned and booked our very first family beach vacation. As the saying goes, the rest is history! Each year there after, with the exception of a new job (no vacation time yet), our family has been enjoying an annual beach vacation with additional family members and pups. No matter if we were staying in Okaloosa Island or Destin, it was a yearly occasion.

Fast-forward to 2023-2024 where it brings new family faces to our annual beach trips. We are able to enjoy it with even more family members and it’s so much fun. Having that time away and being together truly makes for a wonderful week. We are saddened when not everyone can attend due to work schedules, but we know there is always that next year to look forward to.

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No Rush Zone

Taking it all in has always been key! No alarms set, no bedtime, no hitting the books or beating the morning school traffic. Just the joys of coffee every morning on the balcony, the sounds and smells of a good breakfast being cooked with everyone under one roof, the morning walks on the beach before the crowds and so much more. We try to make every day of that week count because it is a special time that God allowed for us to take to make life slow down and for us to enjoy and be thankful for it all.

Pool vs Beach

It is never really a struggle to determine where to go first. We love them both. A good nap on the beach, or a good dip in the pool, you really can’t go wrong. Honestly, it hits us as the morning goes on. The only struggle is when the rain decides to pay us a visit, but we don’t let that stop us. Crab Island is one of the highlights of the trip as we take a half or full day depending on the weather to enjoy that atmosphere. We usually take the rainy days and turn them into shopping days! Silver Sands Premium Outlets does some good to the soul! We take advantage of it and make sure to shop for uniforms, book sacks and school shoes for the next school year. A dinner outing along with a game of glow in the dark putt-putt makes for a nice non-beach day as well. The rain never lasts long, but we make a day of hanging out and enjoying the scenery.

When It’s Time to Head Home

After a long relaxing seven days, the time comes to pack up and make the drive back home. We’ve made yet another year of memories for us to have for a lifetime. To and from, Buc-ee’s is a must stop and usually a mid-way point for us. On the drive home is usually when we are booking our week for the following year. We have become so accustomed to making sure that we have something we all get to look forward to and enjoy, if nothing else we know that our kids will always have a vacation planned because as my husband and I get older this is one tradition that we do not want to stop. It’s the reason that our retirement list consists of a condo on the beach so that we will always be able to enjoy these times as we are now, because once upon a time, it wasn’t like this. We are deeply grateful for our blessings.

Joni Broussard
Joni was born and raised in Erath, LA. Lover of God, family, friends, coffee, working out, writing, journaling, sitting on the beach, capturing moments, conversations, Jamaica, and traveling. Married to the love of her life, Corey. She adores their love story and journey, and it'll forever be her favorite. They are parents to three beautiful blessings and two precious Goldendoodles. With a hectic planner that fills up daily with mom and wife duties, Joni would not have it any other way. She loves a full agenda at times, especially when the agenda includes the activities of her kids, family and friends, yearly vacations, date nights, and visits from her adult kids. Learning and growing is something to always place next to her name. She loves hard and with God by her side, she gracefully adores all of the blessings HE has given her and the ones HE has set aside for her.


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