Five Healthy Tips for Holiday Survival

Everyone is worried about being healthy these days, but there’s nothing like Thanksgiving to remind me that I can’t derail how I eat for a few days of fun. One day … okay. A week long binge on sugar and salt … not so much. Keeping how you are eating in mind during this season is what can help you stay on the healthy track. 

Five Healthy Tips for Holiday Survival

We all over indulge at some point during the holidays, but eventually it’s time to dial it back or see the scale move in the wrong direction. So today I’m sharing my tips to not feel like junk and bounce back from the holiday food festivities!


Water, water water. You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces on a daily basics. However, if you’re feeling boated, it’s best to up that by another 4 cups or so. Cut out the soda and any calorie filled drink and focus on drinking only water to flush out that bloated feeling.


Kombucha and Water Keifer are you best friends. I know I just said to nix the calorie filled drinks, but the few calories (for instance a 16 ounce bottle of kombucha is generally 60 calories) in kombucha are worth it for the probiotic benefits. I could just say eat fermented foods here. Upping your probiotic intake is not only great to help with bloating, but it’s also good for your gut health. I don’t drink kombucha daily, but I do use it when I feel like I’m getting sick or if I had a particularly bad few days of eating … like the holidays.


Continue to workout. Don’t let the holiday bustle slow you down. There are days when it’s basically impossible to get in a workout during this time of year. But on the days that you can workout, make sure that you do! Focus on strength training, muscle burns more, especially those big ole leg muscles.

I am personally in a phase of life where getting to a brick and mortar gym isn’t an option. Instead I use online workout programs, DVDs, and YouTube. There are tons of great YouTube workout channels! This way, I can still exercise without having to leave home and it actually saves me money.


Try out intermittent fasting. I initially thought this was the craziest idea on the planet, but after fasting for several months I have to say that I’m addicted. I like to follow the 16/8 method of fasting and eat in an 8 hour window and fast for 16.

I initially heard about this following the Keto style of eating but have seen more and more from as the fitness guru Amanda Tress has been posting about it on her social media and website. Intermittent fasting has tons of benefits, my favorite being increased lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and fat oxidation. Basically, the concept is stinking amazing.


Last but probably the most important, portion control. Don’t go overboard. This is the main one I struggle with; I love nothing more than a good reason to derail from healthy eating and eat pie. Eat a piece of pie, not a piece of pie with every meal. It kills me to throw away food, but honestly I shouldn’t eat it just to feel like I’m not wasting it. Not worth it. Whole30 has a great set of guidelines about what each meal should look like. By controlling my portions, I’m getting a taste of everything I want to eat without overeating.

How do you maintain healthy eating during the holidays?

Emily Babb
Emily, originally from North Louisiana, lives with her husband Jeremy and sons Harrison & Elliot in New Iberia. She's an elementary teacher by day and blogger by night at her personal blog Louisiana Bride. She began blogging to document planning her wedding and has since moved to sharing recipes, meal planning ideas, and the humor in daily life. Emily enjoys yoga, gardening, camping, and is a closet hippie. When she isn't having a toddler crawl all over her while she attempts to workout while simultaneously cooking dinner, you can find her reading a good book or watching old BBC documentaries on YouTube. She use to be cool, but somewhere in adulthood all those concerts quit happening and a mini van showed up in the driveway.


  1. Emily I have been intermittent fasting since July and had great results. I use the 24/24 method tho bc I wasn’t seeing results with 16/8. Obesity Code blew my mind and I am totally on board


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