I Don’t TikTok But I TikTok Trend :: Feta Pasta Bake

I have a TikTok account. I’ve logged on (is that even the right lingo?) a time or two but haven’t stayed long. Truly, I don’t want one more thing to connect me to the internet. I already feel simultaneously pulled between putting my phone down and handling everything all the time on my phone. This isn’t me telling you to limit phone and social media time; I spend so much time glued to both that I just don’t want to add to it.

But speaking of trends, I did the whipped coffee during quarantine, I’m here for the sumo oranges, and all the other TikTok mania. I don’t create and I don’t scroll. HOWEVER — I make sure your time creating and scrolling is worth it — I TikTok trend.

I know a good trend when I see one. And when some of my besties share their TikTok wisdom on the Gram, I know it’s real. So I listen.

Several of my friends have posted the TikTok Feta Bake. And by friends, I mean my super in touch mama friends and our favorite babysitters (aka GEN Z).

And then I put a block of feta in my Shipt cart because WHY NOT TRY IT? And wouldn’t you know, the Shipt shopper texted me to tell me that feta is sold out everywhere because of TikTok.

And I knew. And then FOMO.

So I searched like 5 stores and went home with two blocks of feta. Praise.

Y’all. They don’t lie. This pasta is YUM. Husband approved. Friday in Lent approved. Some have mentioned using half the feta with more tomatoes and some have said it makes an awesome dip. However you spin it, everyone wins

Feta Pasta Bake

  • block of feta cheese :: good luck finding it. I refuse to admit my source.
  • container of cherry or grape tomatoes
  • olive oil
  • head of garlic
  • Italian seasoning
  • red pepper flakes
  • balsamic vinegar or reduction (optional)
  • basil (optional)

(And truthfully, so much is optional and adaptable. Basically bake off some cheese with some tomatoes and combine with pasta. I’m certain anything would be amazing. You could totally do crumbled feta.)

Preheat oven to 350. Boil water for pasta. Place block of feta in baking dish surrounded by tomatoes. Drizzle with olive oil, balsamic, and seasonings. Cut 1/5 off of garlic head and place whole in dish. Put pasta in pot to boil. Cook until bubbly and browning on cheese — about 45 mins for us. Drain pasta. Take out of oven, squeeze garlic into dish, smash and combine. Combine with drained pasta. Top with basil.

Done. Amazing. Thank you TikTok. Thank you GenZ.

Feta Pasta Bake

Rebecca Autin
Rebecca is an attorney by day and a toddler wrangler by night. She is a product of divorced parents and grew up in both Thibodaux and Franklin, Louisiana. Rebecca attended Loyola University of New Orleans and Southern University Law Center. Rebecca married her high school bestie in 2012. Quinton and Rebecca went through months of infertility before giving birth to Maxwell Lincoln in 2015. In 2016, they were surprised by a baby boy due in June 2017. But, in February 2017, they suffered with incompetent cervix and delivered sweet Theodore Paul too soon. In October 2018, after an incredibly difficult pregnancy, a cerclage, and a whole bunch of bedrest, Fitzgerald Joseph was born -- a happy, healthy, and perfect rainbow. If you can't find Rebecca, you can summon her with pot of freshly brewed coffee or look for her in Target or behind the kitchen island where she is hiding from her kids with a very generous pour of red.


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