I Celebrate Your Views, Momma

As I scroll through my Facebook timeline, I see a lot of people upset these days. We have a lot of things going on in the world right now, and I can understand everyone’s frustration. Our society has been pushed to the breaking point and we can only take so much at once.  I have views and opinions on the things going on right now, too, but I try to keep them to myself just because I really hate conflict, so that is not what this post is about. I am not here to preach my views to you, that is a choice I make each day to keep those views to myself.  However, I will never look at you differently because you have a differing opinion than mine.

This great country we live in was founded on the belief that you have the right to freedom of speech. That freedom allows you to say things that I may not like and vice versa. It allows all of us to question things, like the government and our politicians. It gives us the freedom to stand up for ourselves and say we have had enough! It gives us the right to vote for the people that we believe will fulfill our beliefs and do the best thing for we the people. So celebrate your rights! Stand up for something! I don’t have to agree with it but boy I sure do like it when we stand up for our convictions.

So here’s to the mommas that speak their minds on my timeline! Keep it up! I will continue to celebrate you and your rights no matter what they may be!

Elle, a New Orleans native, loves being a mom while growing her career at a local Catholic Elementary School. She loves working and volunteering in the community but can't wait to come home and spend time with her boys Charlie and Andy. Elle met her husband, Fletcher, in 2013 while she was attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. When she met him she knew that her life would never be boring again. She loves calling Lafayette home and is very excited she gets to raise her children here.