Five Reasons You Are Not at Your Dream Weight

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Five Reasons You Are Not at Your Dream Weight

Five Reasons You Are Not at Your Dream Weight

Warning TMI: I used to be kinda gassy. Sometimes super bloated. Often a lil’ stopped up if you will.

I tried all kinds of things to solve this.

It wasn’t until I literally got my poop tested that I solved what was ACTUALLY wrong. Instead of just guessing and never really solving it.

We can’t SOLVE our weight or poop problems for that matter unless we actually KNOW what the problem is in the first place.

So if you want to solve your weight, food, body stuff, your gonna wanna pull out your readers, give the kids a 5 min show, take a deep breath and enjoy this….

I am going to tell you the 5 things that are in the way of you losing weight for the last time….

1. Your hunger hormones are not balanced. This sounds complicated but it is not. 88% of Americans have an imbalance in their hunger hormones which means…

  • our hormones tell us we are hungry when we are not
  • our hormones tell our body to store fat when we do not need to
  • we get crazy cravings
  • AND the kicker? When we are in an imbalance, our hormones block the release of the excessive fat on our bodies, making it feel like it is impossible to lose weight

You can see why it seems crazy hard to weigh what we want without balance in our hormones! The good news is that balancing them is really easy!

2. You have a “diet brain”. You are not in trouble for this! This is simply because of our cultural conditioning. Diet brains do crazy shit, like tell us we “deserve” to eat a whole pizza because we have been “good” all week. OR maybe your diet brain tells you to do a juice cleanse which of course just creates a crazy rebound effect. I bet your diet brain also tells you to eat as to not disappoint other people, I mean Aunt Mary, made it special just for you! Ever heard of neuroplasticity? It is the science of rewiring your brain to create a “dream weight brain” or what I call a “Yummy Mummy Mind” – this is also surprisingly simple!

Or what about just plain eating when you are not hungry? That is also diet brain! The Diet brain manifests in many different ways and keeps up constantly yo-yo-ing or gaining when we want to be losing.

I have more good news… ever heard of neuroplasticity? It is the science of rewiring your brain to create a “dream weight brain” or what I call a “Yummy Mummy Mind” – this is also surprisingly simple! Once you have a Yummy Mummy Mind it is effortless to weigh what you want. Your brain works FOR you, not against you.

3. You have an over-desire for food. Again, nothing is wrong with you, you just have a very normal brain! When we have an over desire for food, we overeat food (not necessarily binging food – overeating just means- eating when we are not hungry!!) and when we overeat food we end up over our dream weight or natural weight.

Overdesire —> Overeat —> Over our natural weight.

Turns out we are just like pavlovian dogs! It is extremely simple to change this overdesire for food to a natural desire for food, which creates you eating a natural amount of food which creates YOU being at your natural/ dream weight. I swear it is not too good to be true!

Natural Desire —> Eating a natural amount —> weigh our natural/ dream weight

4. You are an emotional eater! (this is good news!) This does not necessarily mean that you have the most wildly stressful day ever and then come home to eat an entire carton of ice cream followed by the cheddar bunnies and then some chocolate covered almonds for dessert (I mean it could!).

You are an emotional eater (again you are not bad or wrong – this is what we are taught from a very young age!!) if you eat when you are not hungry.

You are an emo eater if you are trying to use food to solve any problem other than hunger. You might even be an emotional eater when you eat to make a situation more fun!

So if you eat when you are bored, stressed, anxious, want to celebrate, just because you want it, you are an emotional eater.

This is not necessarily a bad thing! BUT if you do not weigh what you want, this could be part of the reason as to why! Don’t fret – you can easily learn how to feel your feelings instead of eat them.

5. You don’t have real accountability. It is too easy to let yourself off of the hook. You seem to commit and then 3 days later your brain has other plans that include french fries and milkshakes. The good news? You can also create this!

If this resonates with you and you are feeling a few ah-hahs, it might be time to look into the Yummy Mummy Experience: 6 months of group coaching, coursework and private community that guarantees you lose weight for the last time. We create permanent weight loss through hunger hormone balance, rewiring your brain, lowering desire, solving emotional hunger and daily accountability. You can learn more and apply here. Enrollment is open until April 17th and we begin on April 18th!

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  • How do I know if I am ready?
  • I really want to do it but the group setting might not be for me…”
  • All normal questions! Let’s get them answered!

P.S. this is what my client Sara who lost weight for the last time wants you to know…

You are worth it, we need to understand that we are worth it, the same way we would pay for this for our kids if they needed something for their health.

I promise this will be the best money you ever spend, for life. I have spent way more money over the years on things that didn’t actually work. This is the missing piece.

It is so fun to get dressed everyday, I am so excited I just get ready – I have become someone who puts on actual clothes, I am owning the day! I really didn’t think this was possible.


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