I Need a “Thank You”

A friend asked on Facebook, “what’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself during the stay at home/pandemic period?”

I’ve learned a lot. There are some projects, regardless of how much time I have, that I will simply never complete. Other projects took 5 minutes, instead of 5 months (of procrastination). However, the most shocking thing I learned about myself is that I need a “thank you.” Not a gift, a card, flowers. Nope. Just “thank you.”

The last four months have been a challenge for pretty much everyone. We’ve been challenged beyond our wildest imagination and so many persevered.

But what happens when there are no “thanks”? What happens when you bust your tail keeping everything afloat and no one even notices?

It sucks.

As a small business owner and operator, I was left to my own devices in a time of need. Sure, there were podcasts and zoom calls offered, but I was trying to run a business, alone. And I did. I kept all of my employees employed. I kept the lights on, the business running, the communication flowing. Did anyone even notice?

I issued bonuses to my employees for working when times got tough. Did anyone even notice?

I worked 24 hours a day to keep up with policy changes, which required research all hours of the night. I’ve filled out 18 (to date) unemployment claims, some for employees simply refusing to work. Did anyone even notice?

My entire daily routine was adjusted to become mom, teacher, entertainer for my 8-year-old son WHILE doing all of the above. Did anyone even notice? Side-note: I don’t believe entertaining my son is necessary, but the circumstances this go-round required a bit of adaptation.

Then it hit me. A “thank you” and I would have felt some worth.

The thing about being your own boss is your annual review is based on company performance, not necessarily your own. The “numbers” during this period show failure, but my survival proves a success.

I hope we remember the people that stepped up during this time. The businesses that put it all on the line. The bosses that went to bat for their employees. The parents that adjusted their lives to cater to the new needs of their children.

It’s so simple. A thank you. But when it goes unsaid, it’s a lot more.


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