The Out Loud Words

When I write, I like to write the way I would talk to a friend. This is especially true for personal stories, advice, and the ever so often funny adventures. So, when you read my words, you can tell that I am a human being just like you. My goal is to have the reader hear my voice without even knowing me or what my actual voice sounds like.

I’ve been struggling lately

Cohesive thoughts have been downgraded to rambling and no one wants to read my segmented thoughts! Although, it would be true to myself sometimes! This is my first time writing in months and it feels so good!

My Aha Moment

Creativity came as I was watching a Canadian TV series called “When Calls the Heart” on Netflix. It’s a sappy and romantic western set in a tiny mining town in Alberta, Canada. I didn’t think I would like it because I just wasn’t in the mood for seeing romantic, lovey-dovey couples but I’m very glad I watched it.

[Side bar]
Something you may not know about me is that I spent 3 amazing years in Alberta on a work permit. It’s every bit of beautiful as you’d imagine. Put Banff, Alberta on your “must-see places” bucket list. You’ll thank me.
Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta, Canada

In one episode Ms. Thatcher, the teacher, was having trouble connecting to a student. She had suffered the terrible loss of her father and began to experience what I know as selective or situational mute-ism. The little girl was made fun of by some of her classmates. Ms. Thatcher, like so many teachers, never gave up on her student. In one scene she told her student that it was okay if she couldn’t find the out loud words. She was patient and kind just like we should be to ourselves and others. Eventually, the little girl opened up to her, she spoke to her mom about her feelings and began healing. It’s all possible because Ms. Thatcher, her mom, and her friends were patient and had an understanding and advocacy for what this little girl was going through. 

I want you to hear that again because it’s so important!

It’s okay if you can’t find the out loud words!

Especially in hard seasons like the one we are all collectively in right now. 

There have been so many times in my life that I haven’t felt like talking. As I am writing this I am in one of those hard places. I am 5 months into a separation of a 6-year relationship and I haven’t felt like opening up publicly until now ( another post to come soon). I still somewhat can’t find the out loud words but I’m trying and that is all that matters. Talking with my therapist is a Godsend. My mom is the best person for laughs, my friends are my support and my 3-year-old son is my home and comfort.

If you are experiencing anything in your life that is hard and scary my advice is for you to lean in to those people who you can trust and who love you. They are there and when you are ready they will be willing to speak for you, to advocate for you, to try and understand what you are going through, to love you. 

I really didn’t know where to end this post other than to say Thank You for being there for me Lafayette Mom reader. Because of you, I am able to write down words that I haven’t been able to say out loud yet. Because of you, I am able to have an outlet for my internal struggle.


Marissa Winters
Marissa has lived in Lafayette since 2014 and quickly fell in love with Louisiana culture, community spirit and the amazing food!! Marissa is the Director of Healthy Acadiana at the United Way of Acadiana and loves to be the helper. Marissa has a 5 year old named Jackson and absolutely loves being his Mama. Follow along with them as they navigate the waters of school, co-parenting, and so much more.


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