Stop. Meditate and Listen

Meditation. I never really understood what it was or how people were able to sit in one spot, clear their thoughts, and relax. This was completely foreign to my anxious mind.

After the hubs and I both did our time in self-isolation during the Holidays (I wouldn’t wish that situation on my worst enemy) I figured I needed something to help get me out of the funk. Thankfully Netflix had released “Headspace: Guide to Meditation” around the same time we were back on the mend.  I’ve tried the app for this as well in the past, but again… I did not know how to stop my thoughts from wandering while sitting still.

You Have Time

While the kids were outside playing I decided to try the series and see what it would entail. Each episode is about 20-30 minutes and focuses on a different aspect and reason for meditation. The length of time is perfect. I was able to compete the first episode and actually complete a session of meditation. After the episode, I felt an extreme feeling of calm, relaxation, and peace. I kid you not… I don’t know if I have EVER felt that calm before.

The next day I watched another episode and completed that session of meditation. Again, I felt amazing! I knew this was absolutely something I needed to incorporate into my life ASAP.

The season that has been released is a total of eight episodes focusing on ideas from how to get started to how to achieve your limitless potential.

The peace that comes with meditation is unreal. I never knew it was completely possible to feel that way. I have now tried to work on my meditation in my bedroom, my office during my lunch, and my car while waiting for dance class to finish. It is said the more you practice the easier it will become, like most things.

For One and All

I believe this is a great idea for any of you busy moms. We all need a little peace and quiet. We all need a little time to calm ourselves, especially after the way 2021 decided to show up! We all need a way to recenter and remember who we are. Self-isolation definitely made me lose myself. That’s something I haven’t heard anyone talk about during the pandemic.

If you have any meditation apps, videos, or gurus you follow I would love input.