Wash Your Hands :: It’s Flu Season!

I can not preach enough in my house about hand washing. Until I am blue in the face and there are tears from my tiny humans. Please, for all that is holy, WASH YOUR HANDS! Last year around this time I was down for about a week with Strep and Flu A. I am an avid hand washer. I am also an avid face toucher. No doubt, that’s how I got sick. Let me tell you, it was awful. I will say this – I have a darn good track record as this was the first time in 30 years that I have had Strep and I’ve never had the Flu. KNOCKING ON WOOD this never happens again. Especially at the same time! Not all illnesses can be prevented, but you can certainly do something to lower the risk.

Side note: I don’t get the Flu shot. **GASP!!! As mentioned above, 1 in 36 years isn’t bad if you ask me. I may change my mind this year though…

Flu: whether it’s A, B, or strain 846 thousand N1 whatever –

This terrible virus is spread through droplets coming from an infected persons mouth or nose. Yep – spit and snot. Guess what else? You inhale it. It can also live on a hard surface for at least 24 hours. That pen you use to sign in at the doctor’s office most likely has the virus on it. Then you touch your mouth, or wipe / scratch your nose without a tissue. {Don’t act like you don’t because you soooo do!} An infected person may not even know they are sick for a couple of days. I sure didn’t! I had some sinus issues and a sore throat, but it didn’t cross my mind that it was possibly the flu, especially since I was diagnosed a full 24 hours before I ran fever.

Once infected you will be contagious for days – even a week (5-7 days). Please stay home! You may feel better, but you aren’t, and everything you touch and every person you talk to will fall victim. Wash your hands all the time!!! If you get the flu vaccine and you end up with the virus:

  1. It’s a different strain and has been known to not last as long
  2. It can be less severe
  3. It can still help prevent complications of the flu including hospitalization.

{Don’t hold me to that, I haven’t lived it.} As an added disclaimer from a dear friend of mine, (a medical professional) – You cannot get the flu from the flu shot!!

Norovirus – the dreaded stomach bug.

Y’all. I can not stress enough how disturbing this is. Spread in highly populated areas such as the grocery stores, schools, and even in the privacy of your own home. This nasty virus can live on a hard surface for up to 12 days! It’s spread by touching a surface that was contaminated by unwashed hands after the infected person used the restroom. Wait, it gets better … once you touch the affected surface or eat the contaminated food/drink, the virus enters your body through your mouth! {excuse me while I try not to lose my lunch} Norovirus can also be airborne. *SIGH * So, transmission is not just limited to the restroom. This virus can be ANYWHERE.

Illnesses are all around us. There are vaccines for some and others, well, we are on our own. Hand washing is huge. Wash after you use the restroom, finish grocery shopping, playing outside. Don’t touch your face if you haven’t been able to wash up first … and most certainly do not prepare food!

***all of the information above was gathered from the CDC website and animated my yours truly.

Sara Stevens
Sara is a proud mother of two daughters. Morgan (14), a product of her first marriage, and Elizabeth (5) with her husband of seven years, James. He is a very patient, loving soul who embraces all the ladies in his home, including their Schnauzer, Sadie and Jesse the Cat. Sara is a native of Lafayette turned Texas transplant who moved back to Cajun Country as fast as she could. An only child, she maintains a strong relationship with her parents and believes having close friends is important. When she’s not cheering on soccer, volleyball or fixing top knots for dance class, you can find Sara at her day job as an insurance agent for a local agency. She loves spending time at the beach with her family, traveling to new places, and indulging in local food and drink - then working it all off at Red’s. Oh, and all things UL. Geaux Cajuns! She’s just living life wildly. One day at a time.


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