Unpopular Opinion: Decorating with Your Kids is Not That Magical

Decorating a Christmas Tree

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and that means … decorating! I LOVE the holidays and the activities that come with the season but decorating with kids is an experience.  I know, I know. I’m supposed to love every minute of the process.  In reality, my husband and I are tag-teaming drinks, snacks, shows, and tasks for our little helpers to “help.” It’s a marathon of roadblocks to make the house festive. I remember the days when we could just do what we wanted when we wanted. *Sigh* It takes three times as long to put the tree up, to manage expectations (for the kids and for us), and keep the patience to try and enjoy the process.

I know each year, my patience will be tested and it will feel like the process will never be complete, but then my son calls ornaments “cornaments.” The kids are laughing and there is a moment that makes the hard work worth it. These are the memories that make the foundation of what makes the holidays meaningful for the kids. It’s ok that every moment isn’t pure bliss. Life is not a Hallmark movie. I know that once the halls have been decked, it is 100% worth it. The sparkle brings our family so much joy. It’s interesting being in this phase of life. As a kid, you never realized how many of those magical moments were because of your parents. They just seemed to happen. Now that I am a mom in my thirties, I realize this couldn’t be further from the truth. We are the magic makers in the holiday season. We make the lists and check them twice. We make arrangements for pictures on Santa’s lap and go see Christmas lights with hot chocolate.

This phase of life is interesting because the holidays are a time of giving to everyone else except ourselves. By the end of the day for each holiday, I am exhausted. I gave every drop to my kids and to my family members to make the day special for them. I am super aware that this is a part of this season of life, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t hard. It’s hard to give and give during the holiday season for those you love. It’s ok for the holidays to be both magical and exhausting. Two things can be true at the same time. So if your kids had a magical holiday experience and you couldn’t be more tired, give yourself permission to hold the tension of the whole experience. You’re doing better than you think you are!

Emily Beatmann
Emily is a Louisiana native born in Shreveport, Louisiana. She went to UL Lafayette and earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations in 2012. It was here that she fell in love with her husband, Jude, and the city of Lafayette. On the weekends, you will find Emily at a festival, the farmer’s market, enjoying a Mardi Gras parade, or eating at one of the many delicious restaurants in Acadiana. Emily and Jude have two children named Mia (9), Patrick (5.), and Violet (8 months.) She is a Marketing Director by day and mom by night! Emily has a passion for reading, Harry Potter, theatre, coffee, wine, spreading financial literacy, her friends, and family.


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