Exciting Update :: Lafayette Moms Blog is Now Lafayette Mom!

When Ashley and Elizabeth got together many years ago (7 to be exact), they both held full time corporate jobs. On the side, they were each writing personal parenting blogs, updating their friends and family on their latest outings, best baby gear purchases, kid approved recipes, you know, the whole nine yards. They had no idea their dive into the parenting website world would yield three highly successful Louisiana based parenting sites that are part of a large national network, the City Moms Blog Network. When it all began, they were both already in the business of “mom blogging,” and thought there was a definite need in the market to make this site a reality. This novel idea (novel for Louisiana at the time) would not be the traditional mom blog of the past. This was a site that brought parents together in community at live events, one that focused on the local community and local businesses, and where a variety of parenting perspectives and topics could be shared from different voices – not just one voice.

Ashley and Elizabeth identified the need for this online community some seven years ago, and thus New Orleans Moms Blog was born. It has since taken off, and Ashley and Elizabeth now proudly own and operate not one, but three parenting sites all recently with a brand new look and feel: New Orleans Mom, Red Stick Mom, and Lafayette Mom. The three sites allow mothers to connect online and in person at our numerous live events. Motherhood is tough and we need to know we are in this together, that we all share the same struggles, and can come together to support one another whether that is reading a post from one of our local contributors from the comfort of your home or bonding at a Lafayette Mom Play Date over our children’s poor sleep habits.

Yes, Lafayette Mom has had a facelift in an effort to provide a more user friendly site for our readers. It will also be more mobile user friendly and easier to navigate. And while the look, name and colors have been refreshed, you can expect the same relevant content from our 20 plus local writers, top notch live events for moms and kids, event guides including activities for parents and kids throughout Acadiana, an updated calendar of events, access to our community Neighborhood Group on Facebook, and active social media pages to keep you in the know. It has always been our mission to create a positive and uplifting community for the parenting community of Acadiana and we are proud to continue this goal with our all  new website.

We invite you to browse around Lafayette Mom and enjoy the improved navigability, the new colors and aesthetics, and of course, dive into some stellar content while you are there.

Oh hey, Lafayette Mom, you’re looking good!

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Anne Elise Doise
Anne Elise, a Lafayette native, is enjoying the joys of motherhood while balancing her career as a real estate agent for a local company and working for the Lafayette Mom. Between the day to day household affairs and keeping up with her little blue eyed boy, she also enjoys anything to work up a sweat, Broadway musicals, cooking classes, and football! She and her husband, Michael, met in high school, but thought it would be easier to start a relationship while she attended graduate school in Dallas and while he pursued his MBA in New Orleans (just a bit of sarcasm). A few short months after they married, they took off again to Houston where Anne Elise became a law school career counselor for the University of Houston Law Center. She and her husband have finally made their way home again to Cajun Country.