Worth the Drive :: Gogh to Van Gogh in New Orleans

Worth the Drive :: Gogh to Van Gogh in New Orleans

There is an incredible immersive exhibit in New Orleans you shouldn’t miss! The Van Gogh exhibit will be at the Scottish Rite Theater into 2023. We visited over the Easter holiday earlier this year and absolutely loved it.

Van Gogh immersive experience

The exhibit takes about an hour and a half to complete (possibly more if you hang out in the 360 projection room …. worth it!). You are taken through the life of Van Gogh reading and learning amazingly interesting facts and becoming a part of the art itself. You are able to get inside his painting “The Bedroom” and sit on the bed, sit in the chairs, even try on the hat. It’s one of the great photo ops!

The 360 projection room is one of a kind. When you enter the room, you are greeted with some very comfortable viewing areas complete with fuzzy carpets, sling chairs, and benches. The show can be seen from any angle in the room and projects Van Gogh’s works. Keep an eye out because at times, the works begin to move and have a 3D effect.

Van Gogh immersive exhibit

My older daughter (10) and nephew (10) joined us for the exhibit. I won’t sugarcoat it. They were a little bored at times, as can be expected. But, this is an exhibit like none other. There are even a couple of portions at the end that are right up the kids’ alley.

The kids, and even adults, are given the chance to be the artist. Towards the end of the exhibit, you enter a room where you are able to choose from three coloring sheets. Once the artwork is complete, you are able to snap a photo of it on the kiosk to be displayed on the projection wall within a frame. You then are able to post your artwork on the wall for all to see!

Van Gogh immersive experience

Now, the last part of the exhibit is not one miss! Pay $5 and enjoy the VR experience, “A Day in the Life of an Artist.” The experience will take you on a walk through the countryside and the town all while stopping to see where Van Gogh may have gotten his inspiration.

Make plans to visit this exhibit before it’s gone! There is something for people of all ages. Heck, it may even teach the kids a thing or two about history.

You can purchase tickets through the Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience site.


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