Youngsville Waffle House :: What’s the Big Deal?


Waffle House magically appeared one day in Youngsville.

Not really, we knew it was coming to town but we waited for the building to go up and waited some more. And then one day, poof, Waffle House was open for business. Wait. When did this happen and what’s the BIG DEAL?

Waffle House got a GLOW-UP!

Waffle House has been going viral these past couple of days. The community is super excited about the GLOW-UP given to the Youngsville location. The exterior and interior are the same as the other Waffle Houses, but it’s squeaky clean and brand new. Take note, WAFFLE HOUSE, our reader’s like clean, kid friendly restaurants! One reader said, “I would bring my kids to more Waffle House locations if they were cleaner …” It appears Waffle House has taken the hint and we are loving the freshness of this new location.

Yes, Waffle House has had a makeover but another BIG DEAL is its employees.

Youngsville Waffle House employees are pictured smiling and appear genuinely happy. Happy employees make for excellent customer service. We look forward to seeing more smiling faces at Waffle House!

The BIG DEAL about Youngsville Waffle House for my family:

  • within walking distance
  • my boys LOVE their waffles (they refuse to eat mine)
  • quick food
  • no time to sit and chatter; eat your breakfast and get out (great for those rushed mornings)
  • family-friendly
  • great customer service

Welcome to Youngsville, Waffle House! We are excited you are here!

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Amanda Kosmer
Amanda grew up in East Texas with the last name of “Thibodeaux”. As a child, she found her last name was very odd and even more peculiar to pronounce! She and her husband are recent transplants to Youngsville where they are raising their two energetic boys. Amanda is a girly girl who loves all things feminine: the sparkle of new earrings; the glamour of a perfectly red lipstick. She has proclaimed to be many things: an old soul born in the wrong era, a land-locked mermaid, and a bull in a china shop. A booklover since she can remember, Amanda indulges herself in the smell of freshly printed pages and can’t stand the stench of an old book… she wonders “who else has touched that book and what images did they conjure up as they read the very same tale?” This thing is for certain, however, Amanda is a mother who believes in the power of Faith, dreams, and imagination. One of Amanda’s most favorite quotes by Erin Hanson gives wings to her dreams: “What if I fall? Oh, but darling, what if you fly?”


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