Let Go Of Control, A Little Bit

I relinquished all meal prepping plans to my husband. It may sound like no big deal, but it’s a HUGE deal. Meal prepping and planning takes time. I find that it takes up a lot of time for me because I don’t like to repeat meals too often or I’ll have to hear the whining that someone doesn’t want that tonight.

In a recent session with my therapist, she suggested I relinquish the task to my husband. He had offered recently to take it on, but of course, I had to hear someone else for me to actually let it go. I like control. I’m working on it.

So, this past weekend I gave my husband the reigns. We normally talk about what we will cook for meals together, which we did. This time, though, I let HIM be in charge of the conversion, the ideas.

Small Changes = Big Results

It was amazing. I know, it sounds silly, but it was such a relief. He gave me the ideas for the week. He cooked the meals, I prepped the lunch containers. It worked!

Sunday, which is our meal prep days, I was able to relax. No stress to make sure everything is done. I did laundry, he cooked, instead of me trying to do it all. We worked as a team. And guess what… everything got done!

Don’t misunderstand me. We always work as a team, but I have been known to just try to do it all without asking for help… as most of us do. I have been getting burnt out lately and he knew it. He had tried to take on the meals, but I couldn’t let it go. (Insert Elsa)

It took a professional, a fellow mom, to tell me to get over myself and give in. This has to have been the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. This simple task given to my husband took a huge weight off of my shoulders.

If you are like me and feel like you do it all, see this as your sign to give a task to your partner. Ask for help. I know, it’s hard, but it’s so worth it. Give yourself a break. Even if it means not thinking about a menu for the week. It’s a game-changer.