“That Must Be Nice” :: It’s Okay To Have A Life After Motherhood


Literally, no one I know in the year 2021 needs to spend more time with their kids.

After making weekend plans with my partner I received some very passive-aggressive comments from someone I considered a good friend; a lot of “that must be nice” and “it seems like you’re just pawning your kids off.” After I stepped back and reflected on this situation, I realized that this is their baggage, not mine. This revealed a lot more about my “friend” than it did about me. After much consideration, I decided that the best response was a confident and positive one: “It is nice to get away! We are so lucky to have the village that we have!”

Our family is very privileged to have grandparents who are so involved in our kids’ lives.

It honestly shocks me that anyone would consider spending time with loved ones “pawning.” What we’re actually doing is allowing and encouraging our kids to form bonds and make memories with their grandparents that will be cherished when they’re gone. Trust me, your kids will be grateful for this one day. I realize that not everyone has this luxury. I also realize that we are very fortunate to have the village that we do. We will always facilitate relationships between our children and people who love them.

You are doing nothing wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s equally as important to take family vacations or have a fun day out (or in) with the kids! They should also have endless memories with their parents just as much. But, you are doing nothing wrong by taking a trip sans kids or even just having dinner without them! For whatever reason, people feel like once you have kids you’re supposed to devote 24 hours a day 7 days a week to being a mom. But, let me let you in on a little secret – it’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to say, “I need a girls’ trip” or “my partner and I need to get away.” Before you were a mom, you were a person. There were places you enjoyed going to and hobbies you had. Don’t give those things up!

So, this weekend you’ll catch me sitting, guilt-free, in Minute Maid Park enjoying an Astros game with the man I love! And if you feel like you need permission to take a weekend to yourself or with your partner, this is it. The only thing to do now is deciding where will you go?


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