An Ode to My Concealer :: Thank You For All You Do

“The Early Bird Might Catch The Worm, But I Bet It Also Needs A Ton Of Under Eye Concealer” – Nicole Richie

My Dearest Concealer,

Here we are again, spending another morning in each other’s company, as we regularly do.

For years I searched for a match like this, not knowing if such a thing was even in the cards.

…but from our first encounter, you saw my baggage and immediately sprung to my rescue.

I assumed by now our routine would feel mundane. I imagined we’d eventually start just going through the motions, but I am continually in awe of what you’re able to accomplish.

Sadly, I’m all too aware that there may come a time we may be forced to discontinue what we have. Formulas are always changing, but I don’t even want to picture a life without you. When things get rough, you’re the one thing I can always count on.

Even now, when we miss our mornings together, things just aren’t the same. Your absence is even felt by those around me. “Are you feeling okay?” I hear them ask, “You look so tired.

I assure them everything is fine. Of course, we both know the life missing from my face is at home with you.

Some have even said I don’t need you and should take a more ‘natural’ route. They tell me that what we have is built on my insecurities and that I’m better off without you.

I’ll admit, there have been times I’ve sulked at the thought of our relationship. On more than one occasion than I’d like to admit, I’ve resented how reliant I was on your help. Feeling dependent doesn’t come easy to a lady like me.

It’s true, in the past, I have selfishly taken your abilities for granted. I let envious thoughts get the better of me and it caused me to hold you to such an impossible standard. For that, I am sorry.

Still, throughout it all, your support has remained unwavering.

We both know shame is not at the root of our relationship. it is not your intention to hide my imperfections, but to highlight the features I’m most proud of. You give me a cloak of restful looking armor, and the confidence to live each day as if I’ve slept all night for the past year week.

Like any other supportive relationship, you help me to be my best self.

When things get bumpy and uneven, you’re there to swoop in to smooth things over.

When all I see is darkness, you are there to be my light.

When a long day has visibly taken its toll, you’re right there to turn back time.

When I feel completely depleted, you’re there helping me look refreshed.

When there is a noticeable problem, you’re there to lend a helping hand.

When I worry if my children will ever sleep through the night, you’re always there with a reassuring nudge, letting me know you’ve got my back no matter what.

You, my dear concealer, complete me. Thank you for all that you do.


One Tired Mother

Kristen Gary
Kristen, a proud UL Lafayette graduate, lives nestled between Verot School Rd. construction signs with her 2 children, husband, and projects waiting to be worked on. For her, family comes first - always. When she isn’t diving headfirst into an existential crisis, she spends her time catching up on all things Bravo, wishing she had gone to bed earlier, and helping her husband find household items hidden in plain sight. Kristen is obsessed with helping moms feel encouraged, supported and confident throughout their motherhood journey. As the owner of CircleUP Fitness, she devotes her time and energy to ensuring moms across the Acadiana area look and feel their very best. A fierce mental health advocate and part-time social justice warrior, Kristen believes vulnerability is the key to a happy life and strives to live life as transparent as possible.


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