Getting Through the Holiday Season :: Quick and Easy Make Up Tips

I love all the Christmas cheer!  

But let’s face it, it is such a busy time. Schedules become non existent, school seems to be in and out all the time, travel, events, work … There’s a lot of extra fuss that comes in December. My faith is what sustains me in life and in motherhood and is the biggest reason why I love this season, but sometimes ( I really mean MOST of the time) this girl can use a pretty pick me up. I try to keep it together and many times I end up feeling thrown together when the busy holiday schedules hit. I can handle the hair (mostly because it’s short) but the makeup {I LOVE MAKEUP} is always so challenging for me to keep up with.

I recently talked with my friend and local make up artist Brittney Alfred to learn some practical tips on how to create a few go to looks for daily wear, an evening out, or a big holiday event and now I am sharing them with you. As you will see, a little goes a long way and each of these looks transition perfectly (when you may be pressed for time), meaning, you don’t even have to remove what you have already done, you can simply refresh, add a couple of pops and you’re done!

We’ve Got You Covered Mammas!

I’m a die hard make up fan. However, when you see me, it will be with the same look I always wear. Why? Because who really has time for all the effort that comes with it. Clearly that’s my personal opinion and the reason why I never try anything different. After spending a little time learning the tips below, look out eye shadow pallets, I’m ready! Let me just say, Brittany’s skills are legit! She totally made me feel like I can do it too. Disclaimer: She is a professional, I am not. The photos below are her work, my friend and I just went along for the ride. She provided more tips than I could ever put into one post but here’s why you need this.

Whether you wear makeup for fun or to conceal imperfections, here are a few times I reach for the gloss!  

  1. Work, whether you work outside of the home or you’re a stay at home mom.
  2. Holiday parties, fun and dreadful at the same time, but WOW, I could conquer them all, year after year, with the look highlighted here!
  3. Random get togethers, the after work get together that just popped up, friends / family in town and {ring, ring} we’re coming over.

Here’s what you need. To find the brand you like, visit a few makeup counters, try a few things or really, just give a professional make up artist a call for recommendations. Key products for everyday use: 

  1. Toner (or witch hazel) to clean and balance.
  2. Primer – prime both face and eyelids before applying foundation and eyeshadow.
  3. Foundation – it’s a good idea to pick one that can give you a range of coverage if you don’t want a made up look all the time.
  4. Concealer – for highlight and imperfections that may want to cover.
  5. Blush – a little makes such a difference!
  6. Mascara
  7. Eyeliner
  8. Eyeshadows

The Looks

Fresh Start

This 10 minute look is the go to day to day look for any mom! Start with toner and primer. Then apply a light layer of foundation, adding concealer under eyes and just under eyebrow arch for highlight and coverage. Apply one color neutral shadow to outer eyelid crease, follow with a second but lighter shade from your neutral pallet. I’ll be honest, applying and blending may take some practice but trust me, you will get the hang of it in no time. Finish the Fresh Start look by adding eyeliner and blending for a more natural look. Finish with a couple of sweeps of blush and seriously you’re done. No fuss and this look will fully transition into a quick evening or after work look when you need it to with just a few steps.

[easy-image-collage id=10671]

Evening Edition

Now for the transition.Quick after work get together, spur of the moment dinner out? No worries, this look has got you covered mammas! You will literally take the Fresh Start and, in minutes, go from a “no make up, make up” day look to a full of pizzaz evening look. Simply freshen up your foundation with an all over sweep of your go to. Since it’s evening, a little more coverage is ok and helps to finish the look. Line your upper lid using the same dark brown liner and sweep an eyeshadow color that is slightly darker, or a bit more pigmented than what you used in to create the Fresh Start. I use a plum shade for this look, but you can use whatever your preference is. Add a lighter eyeshadow to the inner eyelid for highlight, mascara, blush to your cheekbone and lastly, a matte lipstick. Done and done. The next transition will take you from evening to event in with no extra effort. 

[easy-image-collage id=10672]

The Finale

Now for my favorite transition of them all! It’s party time! Take the basics of the Fresh Look, add the subtle changes from Evening Edition and finish with a bold smoky eye and luscious lip to create The Finale. Our make up artist suggests using lash tape or any regular scotch tape just under your eyes when prepping your smoky eye to keep the dark color from falling on your foundation. As with the first two looks, apply your basics the same way or simply layer this look on if you are going from one place to another. This is a great look for all those holiday parties and if you can pull off the first two looks, you’ve definitely got this one! You will need a bold, dark shadow, and a nice, luscious, lipstick. Sounds great already! Apply the tape first. Next sweep your dark shadow from the crease of your eyelid to the outer corner creating a bit of a triangle. Next blend a lighter shadow from the inner corner. Line your upper lid and blend for a more natural look (do the same on your lower). Sweep your cheeks with a bold blush then add concealer under eyes for highlight. The look below also includes a little contouring but not much at all!  You do not have to be a professional to get the basics done! Use any contouring powder and brush and lightly sweep under your cheekbone, around your forehead (at your hairline). To complete the Finale, add your lipstick then layer with a sheer gloss in a lighter shade right in the center of your lips. Don’t let the smoky eye intimidate you!  All of these looks only used two eyeshadow colors!  I’d say that’s worth trying for sure.       

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There you have it!

I’ll be the first to admit, it may all take some practice. But doesn’t it just help you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it’s doable? For me, it does. Being a super busy mom who wears many hats, and is the ONLY girl in the house, makeup does a lot for my inner girl! This holiday season, treat yourself, indulge a little, get your cute, fancy, and fabulous on! With all the added responsibilities that we create for ourselves, yes we create most of them, don’t forget to do a little for yourself. It is possible to make it happen! Go ahead and try these tips out! I know will! Post your pics and leave your comments! 


Lashonda Rochon
Lashonda is a passionate, big dreaming, crafty, fashion loving, career oriented, lover of Christ, wife and mother! Currently she and her husband, Brandon, along with their three sons, live in Lafayette. A graduate of UL Lafayette and a Realtor by profession, Lashonda is committed to being part of the growth of Lafayette through community action and involvement that will help shape the area for years to come. Both personally and professionally, her main goal is not to achieve perfection, but to win in life with grace (for others and herself), gratitude, and love! She believes though life may be hard, messy, and seemingly impossible at times, there is always beauty in the ashes. She finds it awesome and challenging to mother three wild and crazy boys and wouldn't give up being their mom for anything in the world.


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