That Time I Tried Natural Deodorant

If you looked up my name in the dictionary, you would NOT find the words “crunchy,” “granola,” or “all natural” next to it. However, I do like to dip my toe in the natural, organic, hippie world and reap the benefits from time to time. This life is nothing if we don’t change, learn, and grow, right?

Recently, I have hopped on the essential oils bandwagon. I’ve found that the people riding this train are all quite nice, informative, and totally welcoming to a newbie! One of our own Lafayette Moms Blog writers even showed us how to make our own elderberry syrup. (I honestly didn’t know that was a thing.) So, I sit here diffusing some of the most essential of oils as I am about to tell you about my journey into an unknown and quite frankly initially terrifying territory: Natural Deodorant.

I won’t sit here and pretend to be an expert on, well, anything, but especially anything in the medical field. It has been told to me in person and via the interwebs that the aluminum in your typical antiperspirant from the drugstore can be harmful to your health. The big “C” word (cancer) gets thrown around so you know it’s serious. I’m not here to debate your reasons for or against natural deodorant. However, if you are interested in switching to natural deodorant, I’d love to tell you about my experience. Here we go!

First, let’s make the clear distinction that this is deodorant and NOT antiperspirant. There are no claims of eliminating sweat attached to natural deodorant. With that in mind, I wanted to choose the week I would make the switch wisely. Low and behold, the local weatherman predicted an ice storm. Coldest temperatures all year plus no possibility to actually see other humans … it’s a sign people. This is the week of the natural deodorant!

Day 1: The deodorant is in a pot. How do I get it out? Just scrape it out with the back of my fingernail I suppose. Yes, that works marvelously. How much? I guess its kind of like lotion. I’ll slather it on.

:Later that day: What’s that smell? Did that baby poop? Wait? Is that me? Oh dear goodness that’s me! :Rushes to bathroom to wash and reapply: This happened at least twice more on the first day.

Day 2-3: Still feels a little weird to scoop out my deodorant and massage my armpits, but I’m not mad at it. Mid-morning, I notice a nice smell. What is that? Wait, that is my ARM PITS!! I did have to wash and reapply once in the evening these days as well.

Day 4: I have no clue if I’m doing this correctly. I’ll email Olive +Ani and ask. Hey, they replied with such a sweet and encouraging email. She says, “I tell everyone you only need a little – about 1/2 a tic tac.” Half a tic tac!!!! I have been using a Mentos at least. Thanks for the help Olive + Ani. Time to adjust my routine.

Day 5: I have plans tonight. It’s the first time I’m going to be leaving the house and not be “Shower Fresh,” if you know what I mean. I’m nervous. What if my natural deodorant fails me? I ended up at a LAFMB team event at Board and Brush in Youngsville this evening. I found out that most of the other ladies were also using the Olive + Ani deodorant too. (Disclosure: I did re-wash my pits and reapply before I left the house. This natural deodorant thing takes a little more work than what I’m used to.)

Day 6: We had 2 kid birthday parties today. Like an addict, I reached back in my bathroom cabinet and pulled out my antiperspirant and rolled it on. I didn’t trust it. I didn’t trust myself. I felt like a crunchy failure.

Day 7: I’m back on the wagon. I can’t say I’m a total convert, but I like it up here on the wagon. I think I’ll stay awhile.

If you’ve ever considered trying a natural deodorant, I personally recommend Olive + Ani’s natural deodorant. It feels good doing something good for your body, even if it takes some adjusting!

Other Natural Deodorants I’ve Heard that Don’t Stink

Wendy Lomenick
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