No-Cook Meals: Ginger Chicken Salad

I hate turning on my stove when it’s a million degrees. I’ve been curating recipes for a few years to keep in my Arsenal for those days. 

This is the first recipe and I’m hoping to make it a series of posts. So enjoy!

Ginger Chicken Salad

Prep time: 5 minutes

Servings per recipe: 2

Approximately 350 Calories

I’m lucky to have a kiddo who loves salad, and mostly anything green. The only vegetable he has met and didn’t like was avocado.

He often asks to go to Olive Garden just for salad, and a side of black olives too. So salads are a staple in our house for dinner.

The following recipe is super easy, delicious and approximately $3.97 a serving.


  1. Asian-Style Chopped Salad Kit– can be found at most grocery stores. If you can’t find it you can use any lettuce you like and add in the extras if you feel inclined Extras included in the kit: sliced almonds, green onions, wonton strips, shredded carrots, etc. You will also need to purchase a sesame ginger type dressing too.   Salad kit at Target: $3.99 
  2. Rotisserie Chicken- I find Sams Club or Costco has the best price on whole cooked chickens. Ringing in at just under $5.00 this makes a great, budget-friendly find. We only used half of the chicken for this recipe. This means I’ll price this ingredient at $2.50
  3. Mandarin Oranges- Fresh or canned work just fine. Omit if you like. The price per 4 fruit cups is $2.28 but we only used one cup for both servings. $0.57
  4. Add Inns-  Cucumber- $0.60 / Roma Tomato- $0.29 


In a big mixing bowl add all ingredients included in the salad kit. Reserve wontons for the top.

Wash produce, dry thoroughly and chop to the desired size. Add to mixing bowl.

If you are using the Mandarin oranges cups, open and drain. Add to bowl

Stir ingredients together, Or be fancy by tossing the bowl and ingredients around like you are on your favorite cooking show.

Plate the salad then add wontons on top and enjoy.

Marissa Winters
Marissa has lived in Lafayette since 2014 and quickly fell in love with Louisiana culture, community spirit and the amazing food!! Marissa is the Director of Healthy Acadiana at the United Way of Acadiana and loves to be the helper. Marissa has a 5 year old named Jackson and absolutely loves being his Mama. Follow along with them as they navigate the waters of school, co-parenting, and so much more.


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