Your Work From Home Essentials

We all know what happened in 2020. Our closets gathered dust and many beloved walk-in closets turned into makeshift offices. As a Realtor, I feel like I have gained some authority in mastering the WFH essentials because much of my work is done in my home office (honestly, my car gets the brunt of my office life but you know what I mean). 

The Essentials 

  1. Earrings :: Growing up. my mother would make us late to school to turn around and go get her earrings. I come by it honestly and love the Kate Spade stud for everyday wear. Locally, Laalee Designs has some great options too! 
  2. Blue Light Blockers :: Eyes of any age need blue light blockers when spending all day in front of your phone or computer screen. My go-to to feel fabulous are these emerald beauties. 
  3. Headband :: If you’re working from home, you are most likely also doing ten other things simultaneously. Mothers everywhere are doing at least 3 things at once, which usually means doing our hair is last on the list. This headband has now entered the chat. Get it locally at Ayres and go back for more when they restock. 
  4. WFH Wear :: Yoga pants on bottom are a must comfort above all else in your home office. Old Navy is my go-to because of their large collection of tall sizes and frequent sales; pockets are a must because the transition from working to momming takes .5 seconds. A cardigan hides any spilled stains and makes a tank look top-notch professional. Shop your favorite brands and keep a couple handy around the house to hop on a zoom call last minute.
  5. Lipstick :: I’m usually a Burt’s Bees fan for lip balm/stain, but I am branching out and trying these top 10 lipstick recommendations. When I played volleyball in college, we would put on a little make-up before our game. Why would we dress our face just to sweat it off? Because when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you play good. My colleagues are mostly my toddlers + dog these days, but I know they enjoy my lip color choice as they yell at me for preparing lunch exactly how they instructed me to. It’s called balance. 

Much of my working from home is done in the early mornings and late nights as my kids sleep. Real Estate is already a pretty inverted schedule from the rest of the 9-5 world. I meet for listing appointments over lunch breaks, nights, and weekends. My kids get to see me work and for that I am thankful. I hope it teaches them to work hard, and gather some of their own essential WFH items along the way.

Honestly, I am so blessed to merge my worlds and work from home (on occasion). There is never a day the same in Real Estate, and I love the profession for it! These small essentials have helped me adjust to working from home, when I need to, and travel really well as I mostly work from my car.

What can’t you live without in your work-from-home office?


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