A Letter To My Shipt Shopper

To My Dearest Shipt Shopper,

I am writing to let you know what a special place you hold in my heart. You are truly a gift, a human treasure like no other. You have rescued me more times than I can count. Out of milk? Shipt. Forgot the class party is tomorrow? Shipt. Hurricane coming and people are fighting over bottled water and bread? Shipt. Stomach virus hits and you need a full-blown hazmat kit? Shipt. Homework assignment to reconstruct the Parthenon in a shoebox? Shipt.

So many days I have been drowning in a sea of hungry children who are hidden somewhere under a pile of dirty laundry, all crying for some very specifically shaped food we don’t have. They are certain to be doomed to a lunch made of whatever I can find in the back of the pantry that hasn’t already expired. And then the doorbell rings. I open the door to be greeted by you, a vision in your green shirt. Your cooler bags filled to the brim and grocery bags in either hand. My kids run to meet you with the same energy and excitement of Christmas morning. And it is all I can do not to bear hug you for being the grocery goddess you are.

You bring the groceries in yourself and pretend not to notice the disaster zone that is my kitchen. You place them neatly on the counter and provide what is likely to be the only adult conversation I will have for the next 8 hours. Sometimes you even bring stickers or flowers or candy for my children, who now affectionately refer to you as “the lady who feeds us.”

After everything is unloaded, you are gone just as quickly as you came. As the door shuts behind you, I am both sad to have said goodbye to my grocery friend and grateful that my household will now live to see another day. And I always know you will be back; you are just one order away. We will certainly meet again.

Here’s to the best thing that has happened to mothers since canned wine. I know it can’t be easy. I know it can’t be fun. But you my dear Shipt shopper, you are my number one. May the shelves be full, the lines be short, and your tips be generous. Godspeed.

Aleice Gauthier
Aleice lives in Lafayette with her wonderful husband Jonathan and their three beautiful children: Evelyn (6), Nora (3), and Louis (8 months). She is originally from Alexandria, LA and graduated from ULL in 2006. She then moved to Lubbock, Texas where she earned her MFA in Theatre Arts from Texas Tech University. Aleice and her family have been living in Lafayette for 5 years now and she is very grateful to be raising her children in a culture so rich in family and traditions. Aleice loves being a mom, Target, yoga, wine, spending time with family and friends, her faith, her dog Ellie, Disney, musicals, and most importantly coffee.


  1. Love this and appreciate the acknowledgment of Shipt shoppers! I am a Shipt shopper and love this job and customers like you are icing on our cake!


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