A Podcast Saved My Life {5 Podcasts to Help Pull You Through}

I’m a type A personality. I hate to sit in stillness.  I’m working on that. So, when I had to sit still for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS to breastfeed, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I became bored with T.V. and, due to the position I was in, reading a book was difficult. Then I found the podcast.

What is a podcast, you ask? Put on your headphones and click here!

This began a love affair that has only increased in intensity as I delve further into the depths of motherhood.

Once the breastfeeding was done, we began to transition our toddler into the toddler bed (side note – wait on this as long as you can!). The only way that we could get my little love to go to sleep or take a nap was for me to lay in front of his bed, on his nap mat, and block his exit route with my entire body. For at least an hour. A freaking hour. Of laying on the floor. In the dark. Thinking of all the things I could and should be doing.

On a toddler’s nap mat is where I fully committed to the podcast life. 

Instead of slowly losing my mind, I immersed myself in all sorts of entertainment and education. So, if you’re on the floor with me, here are some podcast suggestions to pull you through.

Rough Translation

This is an NPR podcast that I am obsessed with. They travel the world to look at different hot topics in the US and how they are perceived elsewhere. It’s an awesome way of stretching your perspectives. Take my advice and start on Episode 4 -American Surrogate. And get ready to cry ugly tears. You’re welcome.

More Perfect

This one is the favorite child of Radiolab (another awesome podcast). This podcast explores Supreme Court decisions and their very real implications in real life. And I know you’re thinking, “Amanda, that sounds drier than cardboard.” But I promise you, it’s riveting. Check out Episode 3 – More Perfect Presents: Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl. Soooooo good. This one kept me laying on the floor for way longer than it took for the toddler to go to sleep.

2 Dope Queens

This one comes from WNYC Studios and features Phoebe Robinsons from WHERE and Jessica Williams, formerly of the Daily Show. It’s a comedy podcast where Phoebe and Jessica invite groundbreaking comedians to do short sets. Get ready to laugh so hard you pee your pants. Also, not safe for little ears, but they should be sleeping anyway!

My Favorite Murder

A few of us here at the Lafayette Moms Blog are true crime fanatics, some may say bordering on the obsessive. My Favorite Murder is a comedy / true crime hybrid. They may not always get all the facts straight, but they are great story tellers that put on a good show. And I love their tag line, “Stay sexy, don’t get murdered.” Plus they’ve been on forever, so you can binge listen for months!

We’re Alive – A “Zombie” Story of Survival

I’ll confess, I’m not one for Zombie stories.  However, this one just sucked me in. In the style of old fashioned radio shows, this audio drama is serialized for 152 episodes.  I also used this one when I would run.  When they would be running from the Zombies, it kicked my pace into high gear!

2 Honorable Mentions:

It’s Been A Minute with Sam Sanders

I realize that a lot of people are on political overload, but I just love this one. Sam Sanders has a way of informing without overwhelming. The episode entitled Charlottesville and White People was eye opening. It was a stimulating and productive conversation about race. They also specifically talk about how to explore the topic of race with our children.

 The Gifted Life

This a podcast from the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency. It is a fascinating look at all the ins and outs of organ donation and all the good work being done by this invaluable agency. Check out episode 61 which details a father meeting the recipient of his daughter’s heart. Don’t forget your tissues!

This is just a taste of the podcast world! What are some of your favorite podcasts? Leave them in the comments with the hashtag #apodcastsavedmylife!

Amanda Fuselier
Amanda is a native of Kenner, LA and is now an honorary Cajun. She is married to a psychiatric nurse, Joe, and is a hospice social worker so don't come to her house unless you are ready to talk about your feelings! Amanda and Joe are parents to Kael and Remy and furry parents to Luna and Spiderman. Amanda is all about that #boymom life and is enjoying wrangling her two wild men while checking out the wonderful culture of Acadiana and all of Louisiana. Amanda is a fan of all things yummy and enjoys a good cocktail. Her motto is "if I can't wear yoga pants, I'm not going".


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