My Amazing Abstract Art {That My Kids Created}

When it comes to what I will hang on my walls, I am super particular. I love art and photographs that have significance and that tie in with the story of our family. My favorite piece is a 36 by 48 abstract on canvas that hangs in my kitchen and you would never guess that it was created by my three boys. This is the story of the beautiful and magical process.

My sorority sister, Gina, is a talented artist currently living in Dallas. She has been painting for years, and although I hadn’t seen her modern work in person, I would peek at her online galleries from time to time. She caught my attention a few years ago when she incorporated art lessons for children at her Dallas studio. It was fun to watch the creations unfold on Facebook. The lessons blossomed into the Muse Collection which is actually a process, not a piece of art. She spends time with your children, inspiring them to create a piece of art for your family’s home. She took the process on the road and now travels to various cities offering the Muse collection. My boys worked with her in uptown New Orleans (where we also attended college together). This was my Mother’s Day gift request.

We set up an initial phone consultation in which we talked about my space and my living area colors. She and her friend, Kim, met with my children for two sessions, one day apart. 

The boys began by free style marking and painting on the large canvas. As I left them to work, I imagined this was part of the warm up where they got comfortable and relaxed and realized that they were able to trust their creativity to create something beautiful for Mom. 

[easy-image-collage id=7101]

There were layers upon layers applied using various materials. After the reveal, I was shocked to hear that the boys used leaves, medicine droppers, spray paint, a fork and markers. The creativity goes way beyond a paint brush. I love that you can see in the photo that there were pink (my favorite color) hearts in one of the layers. They had a fun time and were so proud to show me their masterpiece. They each proudly showed me the parts that they contributed and I was overjoyed by their teamwork.

This painting brings me joy everyday when I imagine the three of them working together to create something beautiful for our home. I hope to get Gina to Lafayette in the near future so that my friends can commission a masterpiece of their own!


Marissa Prejean
Marissa is the proud mom of three blue-eyed boys. She graduated from Loyola University New Orleans and spent her early career years in public accounting and pharmaceutical sales. She traded in her full-time corporate gig to stay home with her boys until the baby started school full time. Never expecting to work again, Marissa’s love for family vacations planted the seed to turn her hobby into a vacation planning service. Thanks to this world full of internet overwhelm and automated processes, old fashioned customer service served her well. She quickly grew her company, Castles and Cruises Travel Company, into a full service travel agency specializing in Disney and family travel. You will also find her chauffeuring children, volunteering at school, playing tennis, shopping a good sale, and drinking lots of coffee!


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